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5 Common Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid

The fence is an important element of a property. There are several reasons to have a fence: to keep pets under control. To delimit the areas of a property, to beautify, to have privacy and to protect oneself for security. But you should avoid certain details in the fence installation to avoid problems.  Here are some common mistakes. 

No identification of property lines

One of the most common errors when installing a fence is mixing it with the property lines. This could result in more expenses if your fence is not properly enclosed. 

First, before installing, identify the property lines. Avoid fines. 

Place a post

An important element of a fence is the post. If the fence does not have a post anchored to the ground, it risks collapsing into the ground. It is advisable to place the post secured with two feet of depth. If extra stability is desired, it is recommended that gravel and concrete be added to the post. Hire the services of a Chicago fence company.

Miscalculated fence angles

There are yards that have a slope. If you want to have an orderly, balanced and uniform fence you must have special tools. To avoid having an uneven fence, and most of the time, the fence does not last. It is recommended that you get help from a residential fence installation and repair expert

Not using the right materials

Fences are subject to different weather conditions. Use a material that can withstand changes in weather. 

Incorrect anchoring

Sometimes the anchor post of a fence is often unstable. It happens when the wrong material is used and the depth is not appropriate. Extreme temperatures cause the anchor post to come loose from the ground.

We hope the above tips will protect you from any mistakes in fence installation in Chicago area.