Commercial Chain Link Fences

Bussinessowner prefer Chain link fences because they are durable and affordable fencing solution. In comparison with other fencing types that provide similar visibility options and strength, the cost is significantly lower. This type of fence requires little maintenance, giving you a fresh look without a lot of upkeep. We offer different design styles for an attractive landscape addition.

Since all business owners need to comply with safety regulations, staircases are perfect for any company. 


Materials of the Highest Quality

We use sturdy galvanized or long lasting vinyl coated chain link for long lasting fences and gates that are easy to maintain.

Affordable Fencing Solution

A commercial chain link fence provides reliable security at a fraction of the price.

Secure Barrier

Interlocking and woven wire mesh makes a fence secure and difficult to climb.

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Chain Link Fence Cost

Metal fences are typically lower priced than a wood or wrought iron fence. For one, chain link is easier and faster to install saving money on time and labor efforts. However, keep in mind the additional features, coatings and hardware needed for your project. 

  • Metal Stakes
  • Galvanized Posts
  • Brackets
  • Corner Adapters
  • Tie Wire
  • Gates

If you are looking for a chain link fence company, look no further than Osceola Fence. Our fence contractors will provide transparent pricing. That will take into account all the necessary hardware for your estimate.

Types of Chain Link

If you have made up your mind about securing your business with a a chain link fence, consider these types of chain link materials available. 


Chain link is a fence material composed of metal, which can cause rusting in the long run. So, in order to prevent this from happening the metal will get a layer of zinc applied to the exterior. It is important to know if your fence is Galvanized so that you know how long you can expect your fence can last.  

Polymer Coated and PVC Coated

Are you the type that does not want to deal with recurring repairs and fence replacements? Having additional coatings will protect your fence and extend it’s life. When selecting this option a coating of polymer or pvc coat to seal the metal from the elements. This option is more expensive than galvanized but will surely extend the life of your fence.


Slatted chain link was designed to provide more privacy than the standard options. This type of fence si sought after for its feel similar to that of a privacy fence. Slatted chain link fences, available from Osceola Fence, are made from the highest-quality, weather-resistant materials and come in a variety of colors to match your existing business identity or brand

Chain Link Fences

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