Commercial Iron Bollards

Iron bollards are short vertical posts intended to protect buildings and people. They are usually placed near building entrances to divert traffic from vehicles or even cyclists, in order to keep pedestrians safe by reducing collision.

Our iron bollards are competitively priced and produced with unmatched attention for quality and functionality.

Benefits of Iron Bollards

There are many types of iron bollards; each serves a specific purpose.

Architectural or Landscaping Enhancement

Iron bollards are available in a variety of designs to complement a wide range of architectural styles.

Safety and Traffic Guidance

Create visible boundaries of a commercial property.


Impact-Resistant Security

Placing iron bollards at the edge of a road prevents cars from mounting sidewalks and harming pedestrians. Additionally, they provide resistance to impact forces.

Commercial Iron Bollards Repair

 As sturdy as they are, even iron bollards may be susceptible to damage due to a vehicle impact force on behalf of Chicago area drivers. Our knowledgeable professionals can assess the damage and provide a cost effective solution. For damage repair or other servicing needs, please contact Osceola Fence Company.

Premier Chicago Security Fencing Solutions

Osceola Fence Company is well-known for installing and repairing iron bollards for businesses both large and small. Our professionals have over 40 years of experience providing exceptional customer service.

Contact our trusted specialists to create a protective or architectural perimeter using iron bollards.

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