Residential Iron Railings

Since 1975, Osceola Fence Company has been trusted by Chicago area residents to design and install solid iron railings for stairs and balconies. Iron Railings are both functional – helping to ensure the safety of those on your property, as well as beautiful. Installing durable balcony and stair railings is crucial for ensuring all-around home safety.

Security and Stability
While climbing and descending stairs, iron railings provide stability. Particularly during inclement weather, including rain or snow, flooring surfaces can become slippery and dangerous.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance
Iron railings can withstand inclement weather without becoming damaged or rusted. Thus, iron is an ideal choice for balconies and exterior stair railings. Due to its extreme strength and resilience, you can expect iron railings to last for many years to come.  

Transformed into Beautiful Shapes and Curves
Numerous iron railing designs are available and are suitable for all types of residential properties. Since wrought iron is highly malleable, it can be modified into various shapes. As a result, our master craftsmen can fashion railings into beautiful custom designs.

Residential Iron Railing Repair

Overtime, iron railings can become damaged or rusted. We offer free onsite repair estimates. Our experienced repair consultants will assess the damage in person, address your concerns, and provide affordable reparation options. We repair stair, porch, and balcony railings with the best materials to ensure your family and visitors have mobile stability. From design to reparation, we provide customer focused results.

Professional Iron Stair and Balcony Railings in Chicago

Osceola Fence Company makes balconies, porches, and stairs extra safe with iron railing designs that fit your needs. Our experts are committed to providing high quality iron railing craftsmanship to Chicago area homeowners. Whether you need to replace a wobbly old railing or add an outside railing for steps where there isn’t one already, we guarantee professional assistance through every stage of your project.

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