Commercial Vinyl Fences

Osceola Fence Company has been proudly installing vinyl fences for businesses throughout the Chicagoland area for more than 40 years. Our knowledgeable professionals install vinyl fencing by attaching pre-made fence sections to posts. When we install vinyl fences, we take into account the temperature because vinyl expands in high temperatures and shrinks in cold temperatures. Therefore, we must prevent it from warping or breaking.

  • Long Lasting Materials
    Buff Tech products come with a limited lifetime warranty on material that includes fade protection. Additionally, Osceola provides a one year warranty on workmanship.


  • Expansive Inventory Selection
    We offer many styles and colors. Our options range from traditional to contemporary, providing the perfect foreground for any property. Whether you are looking for the simplicity of a traditional American white picket fence or desire privacy, the experienced team at Osceola will work with you to ensure that you receive exceptional customer service and craftsmanship.


  • Attractive and Low Maintenance Solution
    The vinyl fence not only adds an attractive element to a landscape, but it is low in maintenance. These vinyl fences are mostly made of a non-porous material that makes cleaning very easy.

Commercial Vinyl Fence Repair

In addition to installing new fences, Osceola Fence repairs or replaces vinyl fencing that is damaged. This includes and is not milted to cracks, holes, broken, and missing vinyl sections. Fence repair costs will vary depending on damage and the size of the project.

Our experienced repair consultants will access the damage, offer a cost effective solution, and help you understand the repair or replacement process prior to beginning any work.

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