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Osceola Fence Company offers custom installation of safety highway guardrails in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. It can be a complete railing system or simply  steel posts. We provide our customers all the galvanized steel products necessary for their road safety project.


W-beam guardrails are cost-effective roadway longitudinal barriers designed to reduce the severity of runoff collisions (RORs), prevent vehicle impact with roadside objects, and decrease the likelihood of vehicle rollover. These types of road guardrails are the most common safety barrier used on U.S. highways due to their high effectiveness and low production costs.

Why choose Osceola Fence Company?

Osceola Fence Company can quickly build and install vehicle barriers at highly competitive prices. 

We provide expert installation of vehicle barriers for both state and non-state projects, and can modify designs to comply with any state or international regulations, including all railing safety regulations described by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and NCHRP Report 350. safety regulations outlined by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and NCHRP Report 350.

W-Beam Guardrail Specifications

  • Optimal choice for safety, strength, durability, and cost effectiveness
  • High-strength 12-gauge (Class A) and 10-gauge (Class B) galvanized steel
  • Rust-resistant zinc coating
  • Guardrails available in standard 25′ and 12′ 6″ lengths
  • Standard center punching is 12′ 6″ O.C., 6′ 3″ O.C., and 3′ 3-1/2″ O.C. with other options available
  • Type 2 Zinc-Coated and Weathering Steel W-beam guardrail are available
  • Custom length and post-holes available upon request

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Locations that Benefit from Guardrail Installation:

Interstates, Highways and Secondary Roads W-beam highway guardrails are commonly installed on interstates, roadways, and secondary roads to protect run-off-road vehicles from natural and man-made roadside hazards


Guardrails and median barriers are used to redirect vehicles away from more hazardous objects and are among the most basic roadside safety features implemented on the County’s roadways. They are designed to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadside and becoming involved in more hazardous collisions. Many different types of guardrails and median barriers have been designed, tested, installed, and evaluated. Installation of guardrails is normally warranted by the presence of one or several of the following features along a roadway: high embankments with steep side slopes; sharp curves; obstacles such as bridges, piers and sign supports less than thirty (30) feet from the edge of the travel-way; or other non-traversable hazards such as streams.


Guardrails will be installed on slopes with fills of eight (8) feet or more with slopes steeper than 4:1 in accordance with the County’s Road Ordinance and AASHTO safety guidelines. Damaged sections may be reported directly to the Highway Maintenance Division personnel. Reflective delineators and object markers are also mounted along the side of the roadway, in series, to indicate roadway alignment and safely guide motorists. Application includes guardrail, bridge piers, curbed islands and other physical barriers in accordance with MUTCD guidelines.

Other Applications of Guardrails:

sidewalk guardrails chicago
yellow parking guardrails chicago
custom parking guardrails chicago

Parking Lots

W-Beam parking lot guardrails offers highly effective shielding in parking lots against vehicle hazards such as light poles, buildings, ditches, etc. Our guardrail end treatments are ideal for areas with a high concentration of pedestrian traffic

Parks and Recreation

Guardrails provide barriers to restricted park areas and protect wildlife, and can also be installed over cliffs and other potentially dangerous areas.

Bridges and embankments

W-Beam bridge and embankment guardrails provide a lifesaving shield from the areas below bridges (rivers, railroad tracks, other roads, etc.).

Recent Highway Guardrails Projects

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