Importance of Highway Guardrails for Highway Safety

highway guardrails on the road

The importance of Highway guardrails is vital, because they prevent minor accidents from having worse consequences. They are usually placed in safe areas to protect us from dangerous areas.

The guardrail barrier on highways protects vehicles in dangerous areas of the road such as steep slopes, high embankments, dark curves, sharp corners to absorb the sudden impact during the collision, thereby minimizing injuries to the vehicle and passengers. It also protects walkers along the highway.

Guardrail barriers on highways prevent the vehicle from sliding onto the pavement, controlling exit angles through gradual deceleration and effective redirection of the vehicle back onto the highway. The guardrail barrier has the advantage that it can be repaired quickly in the event of an accident.

What is its Purpose?

The purpose of a guardrail is to provide safety for drivers who turn off the road. In certain places on any stretch of road, the roadway may have embankments or steep hillsides to the side or even be surrounded by trees. Utility poles, bridge pillars and retaining walls are other obstacles. However, it is preferable to hit a railing over other obstacles.

This is why the importance of highway guardrails are vital, they reduce the severity of a possible collision and make roads safer. Highway guardrails are not 100% fail-safe, but they do help.

highwaay guardrails on the road

What are highway guardrails made of?

There are two types of highway guardrail: galvanized or PVC-coated. The zinc or PVC coating makes the products rustproof, anticorrosive and reduces damage caused by inclement weather.

Galvanized guardrails are constructed from high-strength 12-gauge (Class A) and 10-gauge (Class B) galvanized steel for effective impact absorption. The most common highway guardrail is the galvanized W-Beam, which are longitudinal highway barriers designed to reduce the severity of run-off-road (ROR) collisions.

Roll-formed into the shape of a “W” to typical catch car bumpers, W-beam guardrails have proven an effective and economical solution to roadside safety. Every component of W-beam guardrails, from the mounting hard to the wooden blackouts, has been subjected to numerous full-scale crash tests to determine the optimal construction method for reducing injuries.