Reinforce the security of your business

Reinforce The Security Of Your Business

We know the importance of reinforcing the security of any business, and it is no secret that Chicago is considered one of the most unsafe cities in the United States; Because of it, every year there is an approximate loss of $300 million dollars per year just in businesses and facilities. That is why it is important to reinforce the security of your business by taking security measures. So you must implement some security measures, that helps to reduce the possibility of being victims of a robbery.

In this article we tell you a few things to reinforce the security of your business Chicago. if you are interested in articles like this we recommend you to check the following posts:

Commercial fence installation

In a business, no matter if it is a public or private institution, fences play a very important role since they delimit a specific area to protect the interior from external dangers, and sometimes they are needed to ensure that the dangers remain contained, such as in the case of a correctional facility, a zoo, a military base, etc.

Because we are the Best wrought iron fencing company in Chicago, fencing your property with a high quality fence is essential to protect your property. And the truth is, that fencing is the first thing you should consider to reinforce the security of your business.

There are different types of fences, each with its own characteristics. The choice of fence material will depend mostly on your needs. 

Check out the different types of fences we offer: 


Our commercial wrought iron fences Chicago provide high security, they are more difficult to breach, so thieves think twice before this type of fence. Their maintenance is simple and their material, is long lasting. So you can count wit our Wrought iron fencing installation in Chicago.


Vinyl fences are ideal to replace the aesthetics of wood for a material that requires virtually no maintenance. Its uses vary according to the requirements of your business.


This type of fence is the most used, because it is economical, easy to install and allows to delimit very well the perimeter; It can be used to fence airports, correctional facilities, animals, parks, gardens, parking lots, millitary base facilities, electrical facilities among others.


Wood fence provide privacy, give a very personal and cozy style, can be incorporated in restaurants, residential complexes, even zoos. It is a versatile material that can be easily machined.


They are made of a mixture of wood and plastic (60% recycled wood and 40% recycled polyethylene), they last for years to degrade. They can be customized in any color without any maintenance.


The railings that are installed in a business also represent a necessary system especially because they protect us from height hazards. They are generally installed in places where height is included, such as balconies, docks, ports, upper floors of shopping malls among others. 

It can be made of the same materials mencionated above.

Automatic Security Gates

Automatic gates are devices that control access to a secure area. They are generally used at the entrance of a facility to control vehicle access in and out of the facility. For example, inside a garage to separate employee parking areas from the public areas of the garage.

When you own a business or store, it is not easy to be attentive to the entrance and exit of customers, so there is nothing better than having an automatic gate Chicago at the entrance. The use of these gates brings countless benefits to your business, including confidence and peace of mind for both employees and customers.

At Osceola Fence we offer a wide variety of designs such as:


Sliding Gate


Swing gate


Barrier gate.

Reinforce the security of your business

Enclosed Aluminium Track gate


Cantilever Gate


Overhead I Beam Gate

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Security Cameras & intercom system

Security camera systems are, par excellence, the favorite system of businessmen and it is of vital importance, since your closed circuit system will allow you to be aware of what is happening inside and outside your company.

You will be able to know what is happening, by communication from a monitor, and you will have access to it with a username and password. Security cameras prevent robberies, and if they occur they provide clear evidence for the police to catch the thieves and bring justice.


In Conclusion

All these systems complement each other, so if you want to increase the security of your business take into account the requirements, your style, and your location. This will give you a clear idea of the systems you should have, and which one has more priority. If you would like to know how you can request an estimate for your project, please contact us at our toll free numbers and we will help you through the whole process:

– Design
– Fabrication
– Installation
– Permitting

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