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Serving Chicagoland, since 1975

Finding The Right Fence Company in Chicago

Are you in need of a fence company in Chicago?

If you need to find the right fence company chicago to install your commercial fencing, Osceola Fence Company ensures the best and most reliable installation service throughout the Chicago area. We are able to service clients in a service area which includes:

  • Humboldt. 
  • Elmwood.
  • Lincoln and Hyde Park.
  • Norridge.
  • Oak Park.
  • Old Town.
  • Aand Logan Square as well as other surrounding communities.

We are proud to offer the right fence for your property with products and techniques which are state-of-the-art.

Products are custom made for the particular needs

At Osceola, we ensure that our clients have peace-of-mind, thanks to the security our products provide. We have the experience which comes from years of operation and ownership under the same family. Most of our customer come from testimonials and from repeat customers. All products we provide are custom made for the particular needs of the customer. Our areas of specialization include custom-built decorative iron fencing, railings, and window guards. All of our products are manufactured in our own iron shop.

We build and install iron fencing

In addition to our iron fencing, we build and install custom-manufactured chain link fencing. If you need industrial cantilever slide and rolling gates. When you want to enhance the beauty of your building and provide an additional measure of security, our solutions are constructed on your site by our crews, which ensures that you get the right spacing.

There are no prefabricated panels, except for stockade type wood fences. Another type of perimeter fence comes from Buff Tech vinyl products. Vinyl options are suitable for marking the perimeter of a property and also for controlling access. This product has the added benefit of increasing the privacy level. The vinyl style options range from contemporary to traditional. They are durable and have a one-year warranty on workmanship.

In order to further increase the protection of your property, you might want to think about installing automatic gate operators. These gates can operate by either key cards, telephone access or intercoms.

Our installation teams are covered by full liability insurance coverage, which provides compliance with all sub-contracting requirements for all accounts. In addition, the teams ensure a high level of professionalism and courtesy each time they respond to a service request.

If you are looking for a top commercial fence company, we are happy to offer our services. Call 773-278-4762 today for a free estimate!