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Types of Commercial Security Cameras

If you have just opened a new business location, one of your first and most important tasks is to contact a security cameras installers.

At Osceola Fence, we specialize in the delivery of security products and technologies that make people feel a lot safer.

Secure your business

Our technologies can capture clear footage of any events that do occur on your property.

You will have a quality record that you can present to the local police. 

We also have a number of coordinating security products. From privacy fences and other blockades to advanced surveillance technologies.

We can help you find the perfect solutions for your budget and the nature of your property.

With our help, you can maintain a safe, comfortable work space and can enjoy continual peace of mind.

Types of Commercial Security Cameras 

Indoor Cameras

The simplest video surveillance available. Indoor cameras don’t need watertight housing or night vision since there is usually permanent lighting during the hours that supervision is needed.

Infrared Cameras

If the camera is going to be placed in an area with little illumination or 24 hour surveillance is needed, the best option is to install cameras with night vision.

During the day, these cameras record in full color. When there is little lighting, infrared is automatically turned on in order to continue recording but in black and white instead.

Anti Vandal Cameras

Areas with a lot of public traffic are particularly vulnerable to theft or aggression and benefit greatly from vandal-resistant cameras.

These cameras are securely mounted in shock-resistant housing and remain fixed to continue recording everything that happens.

Anti vandal cameras are perfect for parking lots, warehouses, bars or outside shops.

IP cameras

IP cameras are complete systems that connect directly to the Internet and show the recording of the area where it is placed.

With an IP camera, you can use your mobile phone to view your home from anywhere in the world.

Once your system is set up, the only requirement is Internet access.

Get the ideal security cameras for your business!

Contact our advisors and they will guide you...

Motion and Zoom Cameras

Zoom and motion cameras are ideal for CCTV installations that have a person monitoring the cameras.

Detect motion by comparing pixel changes between successive frames. Zoom in to view more details of a surveillance area or object. 

Zoom out to get a wide viewing angle without compromising the quality of the image.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras discreetly capture footage. They are most commonly used in spaces where the user doesn’t want anyone to know they are being watched.

These cameras can be placed inside objects and go unnoticed. Hidden security cameras are perfect for keeping an eye on customers and employees.

Place them nearby stock rooms and cash registers to identify cases of theft. 

All-in-One Cameras

The most modern cameras on the market are complete all-in-one systems.

The camera connects to the Internet with or without cables. It is compatible with mobiles and tablets.

Images are stored in an internal microSD card. All-in-one cameras allow you to see and record everything that happens in your business without complicated installations.

There are cameras that bring together several features at the same time. For example, it is possible to find anti vandal cameras with infrared and varifocal lens.

Furthermore, outdoor cameras can include motion detection or zoom options.

How should I install security cameras?

All the cameras in our catalogue are shipped with a video cable, RCA connectors, and a BNC video output adapter in addition to the corresponding feeder.

Do not connect the camera to a feeder other than the one that is supplied.

Connecting a video surveillance camera is easy. Simply connect one end of the video cable to the camera’s BNC socket.

Connect the other cable end to the video input of the viewing or recording device. Connect the provided power supply to the camera and the electrical network.

General Recommendations

-Avoid placing the camera in front of a direct light source.

This includes and is not limited to windows, spotlights, backlights, etc.

-Avoid places with poor lighting or total absence of light.

Disregard this suggestion if you are going to install night vision cameras. If necessary, install additional lights or infrared torches to improve the images.

-If you are required to install cameras outdoors where lighting may change frequently, it is recommended that you install cameras with auto-iris lenses.

The iris in the lense automatically adjusts to the amount of light that is received.  This is similar to what the human eye naturally does.

Need security cameras for your Chicago business?

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