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How to Childproof Your Backyard This Summer

Sometimes, work or domestic tasks do not allow parents to monitor their children 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is important that homes, daycare businesses, and educational institutions have security fencing to provide adequate supervision.

At Osceola Fence Company, we specialize in helping you find a fence that compliments your property and protects children. We offer a one-year warranty on materials, paint, and craftsmanship for all fences.

Outdoor Play Area Safety and Security Features

Whether you are a parent or daycare provider, it is important to be aware of the different occasions that can endanger the welfare of children. 

For example:

  • Your children can try to leave home while playing without the company of an adult.
  • During an oversight, they could fall into the pool.
  • While they are playing, a stranger can try to access them.


security fencing


There are endless dangerous probabilities. Therefore, it is essential that you have adequate security fencing professionally installed for your outdoor spaces. Consider the following features:

Smooth Edges: In order to provide accurate protection, the fence style you choose shouldn’t have irregular edges or wires that can hurt children. 

Unclimbable Rails: Additionally, it is important that fences are unclimbable so select a style that doesn’t have horizontal rails. 

High-Altitude: Selecting a high-altitude fence with pointed top finishes will prevent strangers from entering the site.

Numerous Options to Protect Children

Osceola Fence Company offers a wide range of styles and excellent materials that guarantee protection. You can install steel, wood, or iron fences and bollards. 

Osceola’s professional team builds every fence on site in order to ensure that each one specifically fits each property.

wood fence


Cedar Wood Fences for Backyards: These types of fences are ideal for large gardens and rural style houses.

Complement or remodel the exterior of your home by painting and varnishing these types of fences as you wish.

For example, if an outdoor area is frequented by children, you can add fun and joyful colors to the fence so that they do not feel enclosed. Always keep your wooden fences in good condition to avoid having splinters or spikes that could hurt someone. 

Ornamental Iron Fences for Gardens: Each fence style is tailored to your specific needs.

For example, ornamental iron fences are ideal for enhancing your garden area while prohibiting unauthorized property access. For these fences, we use durable iron bars with protective paint so that the structure remains in good condition. Rest assured, your outdoor gardens will be visible while superior protection is provided for your loved ones.


pool fence


Mesh and Steel Fences for Swimming Pool Areas: These options are perfect for the protection of the children who frequent your space if your residence, daycare business, or educational institution has a swimming pool.

For example, mesh fences are ideal for properties with small children because they are durable and prevent children from climbing on them. If you are looking for privacy, steel fences are ideal. However, maintenance is important to prevent rusting.

Iron Bollards for High Traffic Residential Areas: If you live on a busy street, iron bollards can prevent damage to your property and injuries to your loved ones. These structures provide impact-resistance in case vehicles collide into your property.


iron bollards


Add Your Personal Touch to the Aesthetics of Your Residence or Business

It is normal to be afraid of drastic changes, especially if it pertains to the façade of your home or business.

Leave your comfort zone by selecting fences that aren’t white or black. There are many tones that you can use to bring life, joy, and innovation to your home or business.

We offer some of the following colors: green, bluish gray, navy blue and burgundy are some of the many popular colors this season. These tones will give a touch of originality to your spaces.

Implementing color scales can also be a great option. You could add what is known as a monochromatic scale by selecting the same color in different phases, from the lightest to the darkest or the other way around.

Furthermore, we provide a wide range of contemporary fence colors and styles that will add modernity to your outdoor spaces.

Effective Outdoor Barriers from a Company You Can Trust

As a leading security fencing company in Chicago, we provide excellent customer service along with quality materials and great craftsmanship to ensure the safety of children. For more information about our fence installation services in the greater Chicago area or to schedule an initial consultation, contact our experts.