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Installing a fence can bring peace of mind that you are safe and secure. Using security gates will help provide the necessary protection at the individual access points. So, why wait? Learn more about our gate system and Wrought Iron Window Security. Our Security Options are worth it!

Security Gates: The best Gate System for you!

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Explore a wide variety of our automated gate openers and systems.

With many different solutions available, we will tailor a security gate system that works best for the property. We want you to have the best gate operator! Complete your gate system with accessories that increase safety and efficiency.  Also, you will have more control.


The benefits of Security Gates

Security Gates are an effective deterrent to potential burglars. They offer a sense of security because it heightens the difficulty for thieves to force their way. 

Ensure Home and Business Safety

It’s no secret that an automatic gate at the front of your property is a great way to improve security. So, an automatic gate on your driveway will restrict vehicle and pedestrian access to your property.

If privacy is a concern of yours, security gates and window guards are a great investment.

And you can improve the appearance of your property with our security options.

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Choose Window Guards to protect your property

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In addition to being an effective theft deterrent, window guards can prevent children from falling out of windows. Thus, window guards provide an additional layer of security.

Also, windows are protected from damaging outdoor elements. For example, flying debris and tree limbs can damage windows in a severe storm. If a window guard is installed, it acts as a shield to minimize the risk.  

Elegant and Durable Wrought Iron Window Security

Window guards come in a wide variety of styles that allow you to complement your property. Our window guards are made out of wrought iron, which is an attractive material that can be manipulated into a pattern of your choice. While you might feel hesitant about adding bars to your windows, you don’t have to select the ones that you may normally see on stores. Also, there are decorative treatments that can be customized.

Highest Quality in Craftsmanship and Material

Our window guards come with a one year warranty on material, paint, and workmanship. So, trust Osceola Fence for the best security options.

Residential Window Guards Repair

Overtime, iron window guards may become damaged or rusted. At Osceola Fence Company, we offer free onsite repair estimates. Our experts will evaluate the damage in person, address any concerns you may have, and provide affordable reparation or replacement options.

Chicago Window Guard Service You Can Count On

Help keep your home as safe as possible with a window guard installation from Osceola Fence Company. Since 1975, we’ve upheld the standard for excellent service. We offer free window guard quotes for Chicago area property owners.

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