Wrought Iron Balcony Railing


Balcony railings provide an element of safety and unmatched aesthetic appeal to any home. Also, they can add an elegance to the design. We have designed wrought iron balcony railings in a variety of styles. So, why wait? You can trust us your home or business. With your new wrought iron balcony railing, you can achieve a professional style. We serve both residential and commercial properties. Since 1975, Osceola Fence Company has been the number one choice for stairs and balconies.  Wrought Iron Balcony Railings are both functional – helping to ensure the safety and looking amazing.

Residential Wrought Iron Balcony Railing


Choosing a balcony for your home can add some unique benefits. Want the best view out of your window? Through the iron bars you are able to view any scenery. Also, wrought iron is designed to last as long as the building itself.

It can withstand weather conditions without resulting in any detrimental damage. So, choosing this style of balcony ensures a durable home accessory for years.

Looking to install balcony railings? We recommend wrought iron balcony railings.

When you install them you can trust they will cause any long term maintenance issues. Other than the occasional polish, wrought iron is resilient. Also, there is a beautiful appeal to our wrought iron when finished. And when you install your balconies you never have to worry about repainting the exterior.




The Benefits of a Wrought Iron Balcony Railing

Security and Stability

While climbing and descending stairs, iron railing installation provides stability. Also, during inclement weather, including rain or snow, flooring surfaces can become slippery and dangerous. So, Osceola Fence is here to help.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

Iron railings can withstand inclement weather without becoming damaged or rusted. Thus, iron is an ideal choice for balconies and exterior stair railings. Due to its extreme strength and resilience, you can expect iron railings to last for many years to come.

Transformed into Beautiful Shapes and Curves

Numerous iron railing designs are available and are suitable for all types of residential properties. Since wrought iron is highly malleable, it can be modified into various shapes. As a result, our master craftsmen can fashion railings into beautiful custom designs.

Wrought Iron Balcony Railing Repair

Overtime, iron railings can become damaged or rusted. We offer free onsite repair estimates. Our experienced repair consultants will assess the damage in person, address your concerns, and provide affordable reparation options. We repair stair, porch, and balcony railings with the best materials. From design to reparation, we provide customer focused results.

Professional Iron Stair and Balcony Railings in Chicago

Osceola Fence Company makes balconies, porches, and stairs extra safe with iron railing designs that fit your needs. Our experts are committed to providing high quality iron railing craftsmanship to Chicago area. Whether you need to replace an old railing or add one, we guarantee professional assistance through every stage of your project.

Below, you can see the variety of iron railing types we have available at Osceola Fence. If otherwise, you want Commercial Railing we also have diversity of styles.

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Types of Wrought Iron Balcony Railing

Osceola Fence Company manufactures and installs ornamental and wrought iron handrails and railings for stairways and walkways in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Our iron railings are manufactured in our Chicago area workshops.

All work is done by our expert craftsmen and installed by professional railing and handrail contractors. Also, we manufacture and install iron and wrought iron for all purposes: guardrails to cover basement windows, stair railings and handrails, walkway railings for residential and commercial use.

We strive to make our wrought iron railings or ornamental iron railings affordable. Talk to our professionals we accept any design idea! Osceola Fence is here for you.

Request your quote now! (773)  278-4762, we offer a one-year warranty on workmanship.

Cable Railings

Also known as wire rope railings, cable railings are a great alternative to metal, glass and wood railings. They’re a wonderful enhancement for a modern architectural style. And will make your space feel bigger due to their delicate and elegant design.

When it comes to cable railings, there’s a variety of options to choose from. 

Wrought Iron Balcony Railings in Chicago

Balcony railings are very important for safety’s sake! We offer railings to homeowners will feel safe and secure by knowing they exist around their balcony.

Osceola Fence is your leading in Iron Railings Installation to balcony in the Chicagoland area. Balconies are found throughout all of Chicago – apartments, luxury homes, hotels, and other businesses. And balcony railings can be crafted out of stainless steel or wrought iron. At Osceola Fence, we can customize the design to meet your own style.

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Indoor Stair Railings Installation

Osceola Fence Company is an indoor railings fabrication and installation contractor operating in Chicago. We ensure fast and cost effective fabrication of any indoor railings and handrails. Fast, expert fabrication and installation of all indoor ironwork including indoor stair railings, staircase railings and handrails, spiral staircase railings.

If you’re looking for indoor railings in Chicago, we are the contractors you should be consulting with. We are the #1 Chicago indoor stair railings installation company.

Custom Railings

We can customize any railing. If you have a custom design in mind, let us know. We can make your dream come true. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of profesionals will work with you to create a railing that will beautifully compliment your home or business. 

Osceola works with design trends. Thus, come to us and one of our consultants will guide you. Ask for a quote now! (773) 278-4762.

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