Residential Iron Bollards

Osceola Fence Company offers iron bollards that provide superior security coverage to high traffic Chicago residential areas where there is a lack of distinction between roadways and homes. Our residential iron bollards are designed to provide a sleek and appealing appearance. 

Refined Impact-Resistant Security 

Our wide array of iron bollard designs can complement your property’s exterior without compromising the safety for your home.

Prevent damage to your property by restricting vehicle access. In addition to providing enhanced security for homes, iron bollards can also be installed near apartment building complexes to prevent unauthorized traffic from entering.

Residential Iron Bollards Repair

As sturdy as they are, even iron bollards may be susceptible to damage due to a vehicle impact force. Our knowledgeable professionals can assess the damage onsite and provide a cost effective solution free of charge. For damage repair or other servicing needs, please contact Osceola Fence Company.

Experienced Iron Bollards Company in Chicago

Osceola Fence Company has been proudly serving the Chicago area for more than 40 years. Our experts are dedicated to designing and installing high quality iron bollards for Chicagoland homeowners. If your property may benefit from the addition of iron bollards, contact our specialists.

View our latest iron bollard projects in Chicago

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