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Chicago is also famous for its many historic areas that still maintain their old facades. Where culture and urbanization coexist day by day. So, its habitants seek to maintain those beautiful facades or Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences and keep the passion for the history of the place even among our visitors. Always with the help of a Wrought Iron Fence Company.

Commercial Wrought Iron Fences

Here at Osceola Fence, we have decades of experience when it comes to installing fences. We are the only fence company in Chicago that has its own iron workshop. That said, any design you have in mind, we’ll make it happen. So, don’t hesitate when thinking about hiring us, we are your #1 option as a wrought iron fence company. All our contractors have a lot of experience with any type of fence and any type of project. Since all business owners need to follow safety regulations. Staircases are perfect for any company. 

To begin with, Osceola Fences is the best-wrought iron fence company. Because we offer long-lasting durability. For that, we carefully manufacture it to meet your installation specifications. Essentially, we will work with you to select a fence from a variety of styles. Besides that, we have everything to create a unique design. The same that enhances the security and appeal of your business.
In this way, we ensure that you can trust us to professionally execute your vision in a time frame that suits your needs.
Among the benefits that our wrought iron fence company offers for you are:

A wide selection of styles

Within many designs of wrought iron fences and gates, you should consider other aspects.

  • First, custom options are also available to reflect your style.
  • Secondly, wrought iron is a very versatile material. So, it allows us to create ornamental designs according to your preferences and needs.
  • Lastly, it is a strong material. But it also allows us to make the details more meticulous and precise. No matter how small the design, we ensure that it will be a durable fence that will stand the test of time.

High-quality fences and gates

As per industry standards, we use a solid iron that we coat with a red primer and finish with a glossy black protective enamel paint. This way you will get durable, corrosion-resistant formula. That provides superior rust coverage despite the elements. Essential for places such as the Chicago area’s with it extreme weather. As its heavy rainfall that can cause some damage to fences from other companies. But here at Osceola, we work hard to guarantee you the best fencing service. Because we use the best quality materials from suppliers we trust.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For that, our wrought iron fence installation comes with a one-year warranty on the material. For this, we guarantee high-quality painting and workmanship. Because our team works efficiently and effectively to meet your needs. So you no longer have to worry about your safety.
If you still have questions. Feel free to speak with a knowledgeable team member for a free estimate or more information. After all, we are always here for you to clarify any information.
Finally, remember that any fencing service is for your protection. So, Osceola Fence is your #1 choice, as we have over 40 years of experience.

We are experts in custom iron works and custom designs

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Wrought iron fence designs

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That depends a lot. Wood is a cheaper material when it comes to installation. But, Wrought iron is a more resistant material, durable and needs less maintenance. So in the long run you will invest less in this material. It also has a greater ability to be customized.

In this case, speaking of commercial fences. Because their main purpose is to protect the property and all the assets on it. So, we recommend at least a height of 8 feet to complicate the entrance to your company. Also with this in mind, a privacy fence is also an excellent option in conjunction with the height.

They are an excellent choice for commercial property development. They are strong, durable and do not need as much maintenance as other materials. Besides, one of its major pros is that it is extremely moldable for any design you want to make.

Like all metal fences, rust will always appear. But on Wrought Iron Fences, it will take longer and many years to create a structural problem. In Osceola, we use a special primer that will better protect the fence. But, maintenance is always recommended to avoid rust damage.

For more privacy, you can use iron sheets. Some people combine with other materials, such as wood. Others also use plants or vines throughout the fence.