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Osceola Fence Company boasts more than four decades of expertise in delivering top-tier fencing solutions for commercial and residential properties throughout Chicago and suburbs. Choose us for your Chain Link fence Chicago Installation – Choose excellence with us!

Experienced Chain Link Fence Installers in Chicago & Suburbs

Chicago owners favor chain link fencing for its exceptional durability and affordability, making it ideal for securing large areas. Its distinctive diamond pattern, reinforced by robust steel wire, ensures strength and flexibility. Additionally, chain link fences require minimal maintenance, enhancing residential properties effortlessly. With a diverse range of styles, heights, mesh fabric gauges, and color options, they align with various budgets and project needs, offering an optimal choice for longevity, cost-effectiveness, and ease of upkeep.

If you are thinking of doing a project in a commercial or residential property we are your best allies, you can fill out the form and request a FREE quote!


Our Customer Reviews

John Lim
John Lim
I needed to support my stone countertop to fit a washer and dryer with an 4 feet span and most places do not take on small welding jobs. I had the materials and Nelson (the owner) went out of his way to help me get it done and they did a superb and accurate job. He remembered me from years ago when he did my fence and this is important in terms of customer service, because Nelson is super nice and your are treated as an individual, not just a number. Any future work will definitely be through them and the price is very reasonable.
Josie Serro
Josie Serro
I had three different fences put up in three different locations. Every job was professionally executed, and location was left spotless. The crew was very friendly and everything they were doing. I would definitely recommend this company and I would have more jobs done with them. Everyone from the salesman, the crew and the office staff were wonderful! Josie
Osceola company did an amazing job! Very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!
We hired osceola to do a composite fence in our back yard. Leo was awesome to work with and the fence is perfect. Leo definitely ensures his customers are happy and he personally is involved in the project. Highly reccomend.
Albert Abalos
Albert Abalos
Great experience from estimate to installation including revisions to our plans mid-installation. Used them for one property line after talking with our neighbor, other neighbor impressed enough that they wanted the same thing for our other property line with others now asking about the fences!
It was great working with them. They were very professional throughout the whole process, and installation was super fast 🙂
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez
Osceola Fence installed a beautiful wood fence for my backyard. The quality of the materials used and the precision in installation exceeded my expectations.
Tom Schneider
Tom Schneider
Osceola installed our fence this past summer. They did a good job with quality materials and came back and adjusted the lock when it was needed.
maicol oro
maicol oro
The work that I entrusted to them was the installation of an iron railing for the security of my home and it was definitely a good decision to have hired them. Other than fast they are very professional.
Alexander Kromidas
Alexander Kromidas
The team at Osceola Fence were very easy and efficient to work with. If there was a problem, there was a solution. If there was a time crunch, they put in the extra hours to get it done. I couldn't be happier with my experience and with the product we purchased. Would recommend them to any homeowner.

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Look at some why homeowners love chain link fences



They can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for various climates.


More affordable compared to other types of fencing, making them a budget-friendly option for property owners.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance required. They don’t need painting or staining, and occasional cleaning is usually sufficient to keep them in good condition.

Pet Friendly

Chain link fences are pet-friendly and can help keep your pets safely contained within your property.

Quick Installation

They are relatively quick and straightforward to install, which can save you time and money during the installation process.


At Osceola Fence, we tailor your chain link fence to suit your color preferences! We offer a selection of contemporary shades that are currently in vogue, allowing you to infuse your property with style and character that truly complements your aesthetic.

colors tone chain link fence chicago


Your privacy and security are our priorities, which is why we’ve developed specialized systems for our Chain Link fences in Chicago. Before making your purchase, we encourage you to reach out and inquire about availability. Discover the perfect fencing solution that ensures both privacy and peace of mind.

privacy and security chain link fence accesories chicago



measurements of chain link fence chicago
  • 1 5/8″
  • 2″
  • 2- 1/2″
  • 3″
  • 4″


measurements of chain link fence chicago
  • 1-3/8″
  • 1-5/8″
  • 2


We enhance the security of your chain link fences with a range of specialized systems. From our reliable Lock Chain Links to panic door systems, key and lock security, and clamps and latches security, we provide comprehensive protection for your peace of mind

panic gate chain link fence chicago
lock hinge chain link fence chicago
lock clamp chain link fence chicago
close clamp chain link fence chicago

Get more information here. Remember to ask for availability of options before purchasing the product.

Keep your property safe with our Chain Link Fence Chicago

Our chain link fences are manufactured under quality standards, guaranteeing a first quality product. If you want to know how to obtain our products and services, feel free to contact us at 773-4173107 / 2784762.

Chain Link Fence Chicago

Why we are the best company in Chicago?


Over 40 years of experience


1 Year Warranty Craftsmanship

Quality Service

Experienced Team Of Professionals

Expert Chain Link Fence Contractors in Chicago

Still haven't decided which style suits you best?

Our contractors are experts and we have over 40 years serving the city of Chicago and suburbs. Don’t worry, we have everything you need. Call us now, and we’ll help you get your project done!

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start your Chain link fence project the right way

Our fence professionals will make sure to acquire any necessary permits with any city or village. However, if you decide to go elsewhere or install yourself we want to make sure you are educated on the matter. As you may already know, Chicago has very strict laws and procedures for fence installation and permits. Make sure you abide by the regulations before you start any project.  Below are several resource links that can help. 

Additional Services

FAQ Chain Link Fence Chicago

Height limitations in Chicago are pretty simple. The maximum height is eight feet for fences with an open structure, but the limit is lowered to six feet for solid structures.

Linear feet4 foot tall6 foot tall
100$900 – $2,600$1,000 – $2,800
150$1,350 – $3,900$1,500 – $4,200
200$1,800 – $5,200$2,000 – $5,600
300$2,700 – $7,800$3,000 – $8,400

Chain link fence installations cost $8 to $40 per linear foot, which includes materials and installation, with an average price range of $10 to $20 per linear foot. Contractors typically issue estimates with a per-foot calculation, though these costs increase as the fence height goes up.8 nov 2023

Table of Contents. Chain link fences usually cost between $1,200 and $4,000 to install, but most homeowners will pay around $2,100.

Chicago´s city and Chain Link Fences

With years of service in Chicago, we’re experts in chain link fencing, catering to the city’s unique needs and regulations. Our durable fences stand up to Chicago’s diverse climate, offering year-round protection while enhancing the city’s urban landscape. We customize fences to match the character of Chicago’s various neighborhoods, from classic to contemporary designs. Inspired by the city’s architectural wonders, we create fences that are not only functional but also visually appealing. Satisfied customers throughout Chicago testify to our commitment to quality, security, and aesthetics, making us a trusted choice for chain link fencing in the Windy City.

So if you are looking for chain link fences look no further than Osceola Fence, our work speaks for itself, don’t wait any longer and request a free quote here.


If you do not know where we are located and how to reach us, you can do so by contacting us at the following Address: 1928 N Leamington Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States

osceola fence company chain link fence chicago il

How to get to OSCEOLA in Chicago, Illinois?

If you want to get to Osceola Fence Corporation, it is important for you to know that OSCEOLA is located at Address : 1928 N Leamington Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States, Phone : +1 773-417-3107, as we are located in one of the most popular areas of Chicago, Cragin, Chicago.

OSCEOLA is a fence company with more than 40 years of experience in the area of manufacturing and installation of security gratings. We are Located at 10 kilometers from The Edge Ice Arena, an attractive figure skating and recreational skating rink, with outdoor ice hockey and inline skating rinks. (How to get from The Edge Ice Arena)

We are also located 6 kilometers from the Office Furniture Center, an office furniture showroom with furniture such as new and used desks, file cabinets and conference tables.

Finally, OSCEOLA is located 2 kilometers from Klairmont Kollections Automotive Museum, a museum where you can see a collection of more than 300 historic and award-winning cars.


John Smith
Read More
I recently had a chain link fence installed by the team at Osceola Fence, and I couldn't be happier. From the initial consultation to the final touches, their professionalism and attention to detail were outstanding. The fence not only enhances the security of my property but also adds a touch of elegance. Highly recommend their installation service!
Emily Davis
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I was searching for a reliable chain link fence installation service in my area, and Osceola Fence exceeded my expectations. Their crew, led by Mike Johnson, worked efficiently and finished the project ahead of schedule. The quality of the fence is excellent, and it perfectly suits my property. Great job!
David Miller
David Miller
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Osceola Fence truly delivers on their promise of top-notch chain link fence installations. The team, under the supervision of Robert Anderson, was professional, courteous, and highly skilled. They transformed my backyard, providing not only security but also a visually appealing boundary. I'm extremely satisfied with their service.
Sarah Wilson:
Read More
I can't say enough good things about Osceola Fence's chain link fence installation service. From the moment I contacted them, I felt like a valued customer. Their team, led by James Brown, installed a sturdy and stylish fence around my property, enhancing both its security and curb appeal. If you need a fence, look no further!

Chain Link Fence Chicago


Our dedicated contractors are here to address your every need, alleviating any concerns about security on your property. Don’t hesitate; reach out today and share the details of your project. At Osceola Fence, we’ve got you covered.

(773) 278-4762

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