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Automatic Security Gates

Advanced Security Solutions: Automated Gates in Chicago by Osceola Fence Company

Welcome to Osceola Fence Company, your trusted source for advanced security solutions through automated gates in Chicago. We specialize in designing and installing state-of-the-art automated gate systems that blend cutting-edge technology with superior security features. Whether for commercial or residential properties, our solutions ar

At Osceola Fence Company, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to providing seamless installation and reliable performance, ensuring your peace of mind. Explore our range of automated gate options and experience the Osceola Fence Company difference in enhancing security and convenience for your property.


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Chill Ice
Chill Ice
Great 👍 service
Caroline Andrew
Caroline Andrew
We purchased a new steel and composite fence from Osceola. It was put in last week, and we love it!! I highly recommend them for any fencing needs. The install team was great! They were friendly, professional, and very tidy. The work was done earlier than expected and looks beautiful! I’m really impressed.
Ingrith Lorena Gomez
Ingrith Lorena Gomez
The security fences are exactly what I needed. Quick and efficient installation. Highly recommended!
José Manuel Jimenez
José Manuel Jimenez
Altamente recomendado,muy profesionales y con una calidad humana excepcional
Jonnathan Gonzalez
Jonnathan Gonzalez
Osceola Fence did an amazing job with my project! They were very professional, kind and the customer service was phenomenal throughout. I recommend them to anyone looking for high quality iron work!
Gregory Jasinski
Gregory Jasinski
Absolutely fantastic, five star experience from start to finish. They provided plenty of options to choose from and explained every step of the process. Prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly service from everyone at the office and in the field to make sure every last detail was perfect. I am so happy with my new fence, and I recommend Osceola to everyone for any fence project.
Michael Pizzuto
Michael Pizzuto
Great crew and great product. Everything worked out great! Thanks for making it easy!
David Hirsh
David Hirsh
I'm a general contractor, DWD Renovation, and we recently worked with Leo from Osceola Fence. He was totally professional and the work was excellent!
Dana Suskind
Dana Suskind
Fantastic experience from start to finish! Gorgeous fence!

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Upgrade your property’s security with our state-of-the-art automatic security gates. Take the first step towards enhanced safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Contact us for a free consultation and discover how our automatic security gates can safeguard your home or business

Why Choose Osceola Fence Company for Your Automatic Security Gates in Chicago?

At Osceola Fence Company, we specialize in providing advanced and reliable security solutions through our automatic security gates in Chicago. Here are several reasons to choose us:

  1. Advanced Technology: Our automatic gates are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure secure and efficient access to your property.

  2. Experience and Professionalism: With years of industry experience, our team is equipped to handle projects of any scale, from residential to large commercial installations.

  3. Customization: We understand that every property has unique needs. That’s why we offer tailored solutions that fit your specific security and aesthetic requirements.

  4. Commitment to Quality: We take pride in offering products and services of the highest quality. From material selection to installation, we ensure adherence to stringent standards.

  5. Superior Customer Service: We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations at every stage of the project, providing exceptional customer service and personalized attention.

Trust Osceola Fence Company to protect your property with our advanced automatic gate solutions in Chicago. Contact us today for more information and start enhancing your property’s security with our expertise and commitment.

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Automatic Security Gates Chicago FAQ

It’s no secret that an automatic gate at the front of your property is a great way to improve security. In fact, often these kinds of gates are referred to as ‘driveway security gates’. An automatic gate on your driveway will restrict vehicle and pedestrian access to your property.

Electric gates costsSupply (+VAT)Install (+VAT)
Swing gates 3m aluminium£1500+£1,500+
Sliding gates 3m aluminium£3,000+£2,000+
Bifold gates 3m aluminium£5,000+£3,000+

In most cases yes, automation can be added to most existing gates. If your gates have hinges that face each other it is a straight forward job.

An opener can be installed on just about any type of gate, ranging from swing gates on a business property or driveway gates at a residence. The type of gate you have will impact the type of opener you need to automate your gate’s functionality.

Yes, automatic gates typically require electricity to operate. They are powered by electric motors that open and close the gate either through a remote control, keypad entry, or sensor activation. Some automatic gates can also be connected to a backup power source such as a battery or solar panel system to ensure operation during power outages.

A remote control gate, also known as an automatic gate, operates through a system of components that work together to open and close the gate remotely. Here’s a general overview of how it works:

  1. Electric Motor: The gate is equipped with an electric motor that powers its movement. This motor is typically installed at the gate’s hinge or track mechanism.

  2. Remote Control Transmitter: Users have a remote control transmitter, which is a handheld device that sends a signal to the gate’s receiver. This transmitter usually operates on radio frequency (RF) signals.

  3. Receiver: The gate’s receiver is installed within the gate’s control system. It receives the signal from the remote control transmitter.

  4. Control Panel: The control panel processes the signal received from the receiver and activates the electric motor to open or close the gate accordingly.

  5. Safety Sensors: Many remote control gates are equipped with safety sensors to detect obstacles or obstructions in the gate’s path. These sensors ensure that the gate stops and reverses its movement if it encounters anything in its way.

When a user presses the button on the remote control transmitter, it sends a signal to the gate’s receiver. The receiver then relays this signal to the control panel, which activates the electric motor to begin opening or closing the gate. Once the gate reaches its fully open or fully closed position, the motor stops automatically.

Overall, remote control gates offer convenience, security, and ease of use, allowing users to operate their gates from a distance with just the press of a button.


Every one of our brands delivers on our promise of quality, service, and variety.

have controlLED accesS to your property

Upgrade your property’s security with our state-of-the-art automatic security gates. Take the first step towards enhanced safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Contact us for a free consultation and discover how our automatic security gates can safeguard your home or business


Chicago best Automatic Security Gates

In the dynamic urban landscape of Chicago, where security is paramount, Osceola Fence Corp offers professional grade automatic security gate installation services. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of homeowners, businesses, and industrial spaces, our gates seamlessly integrate with the city’s unique architecture while providing advanced security features, remote control convenience, and value enhancement. We recognize that in the Windy City, security isn’t a choice – it’s a necessity, and our services ensure that Chicagoans can protect their properties with style and efficiency, reflecting the spirit of this remarkable city.

So don’t wait any longer, and request a free quote for our automatic gates and door security services by calling our contact numbers now! Your security is just a phone call away!

Comprehensive Guide to Chicago Area Codes for Automatic Gate Installation

  • 60601
  • 60602
  • 60603
  • 60604
  • 60605
  • 60606
  • 60607
  • 60608
  • 60609
  • 60610
  • 60611
  • 60612
  • 60613
  • 60615
  • 60616
  • 60617
  • 60618
  • 60619
  • 60620
  • 60621
  • 60622
  • 60623
  • 60624
  • 60625
  • 60628
  • 60629
  • 60631
  • 60632
  • 60633
  • 60634
  • 60636
  • 60637
  • 60638
  • 60639
  • 60640
  • 60641
  • 60643
  • 60644
  • 60645
  • 60647
  • 60649
  • 60651
  • 60652
  • 60653
  • 60654
  • 60655
  • 60656
  • 60657
  • 60659
  • 60660
  • 60661
  • 60663
  • 60666
  • 60668
  • 60669
  • 60670
  • 60673
  • 60674
  • 60675
  • 60677
  • 60678
  • 60679
  • 60680
  • 60681
  • 60682
  • 60685
  • 60686
  • 60687
  • 60688
  • 60689
  • 60690
  • 60691
  • 60693
  • 60694
  • 60695
  • 60696
  • 60697
  • 60699
  • 60706
  • 60707
  • 60803
  • 60804
  • 60804
  • 60805
  • 60827
  • 60614
  • 60630
  • 60646
  • 60684
  • 60701


Residential, Commercial, And Industrial Gate Systems

Sliding Gates| Swing Gates | Overhead Slide Gate | Cantilever Slide Gate | Vertical Pivot Gates | Barrier Gates

Automatic Security Gates Sliding gates

These gates are a common type of electric gate. They have a single leaf with wheels at the base that move along a track on the driveway. These gates use a motor with a toothed cog that connects to a rack on the gate’s inside. When the motor turns the cog, it opens or closes the gate.

Automatic Security Gates Overhead I Beam Gate

This type of gate is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, like big box store garden centers, prisons, and similar facilities. While it may not be as trendy as traditional slide gates, it’s still widely used. The trolley system for this gate is the most heavy-duty option we offer, and it comes with a durable galvanized finish.

Automatic Security Gates Swing gate

Swing gates are made up of two parts that come together to form a single gate when closed. They are versatile and can be used in various settings like warehouses, parking lots, schools, and businesses. These gates are powered by a stationary motor for easy operation.

Automatic Security Gates Barrier gate

Barrier gates are simple and practical, with a single arm that lowers and rises to control access. You’ll often see them at parking lots and entry points, powered by a motor for easy vehicle management.

Automatic Security Gate cantilever

Cantilever gates slide horizontally without ground tracks, making them versatile for many uses. They’re commonly motor-powered and used in places like warehouses and industrial sites.

Automatic Security Gates Enclose track

The enclosed aluminum track gate is a durable, functional option for secure access in both commercial and residential settings. It moves along a concealed track, maintaining a clean appearance and is usually motor-operated for convenience.


Several access control systems are available, the following are the ones that can be used to operate the system

phone call acces control system chicago


keypad entry security gate control system chicago


automatic security gate card reader chicago


remote control gate operator access chicago



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Automatic Security Gates Chicago

Enhance Your Security with Advanced Automatic Gates in Chicago by Osceola Fence Company

At Osceola Fence Company, we are dedicated to transforming your property’s security with our advanced automatic gates in Chicago. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every phase of our service, from initial consultation through to final installation. We combine cutting-edge technology with meticulous craftsmanship to deliver solutions that not only enhance security but also integrate seamlessly with your property’s aesthetics and functionality.

With years of experience serving residential, commercial, and industrial clients across Chicago, we understand the importance of tailored solutions. Our team is committed to providing personalized service, ensuring your specific security needs are met with precision and reliability. Choose Osceola Fence Company for trusted expertise and unmatched dedication to safeguarding your property.

Contact us today to learn more about how our automated gate solutions can elevate your property’s security and convenience.


If you do not know where we are located and how to reach us, you can do so by contacting us at the following Address1928 N Leamington Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States

osceola fence automatic security gates chicago
automatic security gates chicago osceola fence
osceola fence automatic security gates chicago

How to get to OSCEOLA in Chicago, Illinois?

If you want to get to Osceola Fence Corporation, it is important for you to know that OSCEOLA is located at Address 1928 N Leamington Ave, Chicago, IL 60639, United States, Phone +1 773-417-3107, as we are located in one of the most popular areas of Chicago, Cragin, Chicago.

OSCEOLA is a fence company with more than 40 years of experience in the area of manufacturing and installation of security gratings. We are Located at 10 kilometers from the Al Piemonte Ford, one of the largest Ford dealerships offering a wide variety of cars. (How to get from Al Piemonte Ford)

We are also located 6 kilometers from the Garfield Park Conservatory, a 184-acre park with a swimming pool, fishing pond, athletic fields and tennis courts available to everyone.

Finally, OSCEOLA is located 2 kilometers from Wonder Works Children’s Museum, a venue with more than 6,400 square feet of areas filled with interactive games and exhibits, plus concerts tailored to children ages 1 to 6.

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