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Automatic Security Gates
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Automatic Security Gates: 50 Years Of Experience


Automatic Security Gates in Chicago have become a trend in recent years in commercial premises, and not only because they increase the safety of any building, but also the convenience it brings to the user, and of course the aesthetics that add value.

As a result, we ensure that our Chicago automatic gates come equipped with top-notch quality. Here at Osceola Fence, we have been manufacturing  automatic security gates since 1975. Certainly, you will find a wide variety of styles and also models that we build in our shop, so you can customize your order.  We also offer you a 1-year warranty on our products and services. Plus, we also do it in record time delivery!

So, come and check our catalog and feel free to ask anything you want!


Automatic Security Gates Chicago


Just got our fence done everyone was a pleasure to work with! Very professional, we are completely satisfied. Would work with again! Update: Still amazing! Got a gate done and it turned out beautifully.
Mark H
Mark H
Osceola Fence is the only choice for me when it comes to my family's fencing needs. They are professional, courteous, and do excellent work. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.
valerie lee
valerie lee
Quality of the work was excellent as well as professional workers and staff returned all phone calls made to them
Linda Duplantis
Linda Duplantis
Re: Osceloa fence, 1928 N Leamington, Chgo 11/22/2022 Thank you for coming out again to rectify the complaint I had about the latch bolt not reaching the strike plate properly. I had that problem in April, several months after installation. At that time Johnny (installer) put in several washer to fill in space so that gate would close. Unfortunately that was not a long term solution, as by October I was faced with the same problem. Although we had some miscommunications and I was getting rather frustrated, in the end you stood behind your product and installation and my gate now appears to be functioning properly. Johnny, your installer, put a brace on the right hand post that was embedded in the sidewalk and drilled that into the house brick. That seems to have straightened the post that was imbedded in the sidewalk allowing the latch bolt to reach the strike pad. (What good is a fancy, expensive gate if it doesn’t close!) He was kind enough to say that if that didn’t work, he would be willing to come out again and reinstall one of the posts. Let’s hope that that will not be necessary! Thank you to the girls in the office, Jackie and Maria, who have been very kind and even returned, I think, one of my phone calls. That is not a common occurrence in this day so I am grateful. Many of my neighbors have commented on how nice the gates look.
Diego Pacheco
Diego Pacheco
I am very happy! They are the best fence company in Chicago. I had the fastest service and great staff. Very gentle people and they gave me all the answers I ask for! I recommend it!
daniel morales
daniel morales
It is the first time I have hired your service and I am really satisfied with everything. It was a fast service and at a very good price. They are good guys to work with. Definitely recommendable. 9/10
Fernando Reyes Torres
Fernando Reyes Torres
I have hired their services on more than one occasion and I must say that I am very satisfied. Their pricing was very competitive and the quality of their work is excellent. I would definitely recommend them.
Alyssa E. Motter
Alyssa E. Motter
Osceola did an excellent job on our fence project. They had to match an existing fence and did so perfectly. They were also communicative, punctual, and professional.
Tina Godinho
Tina Godinho
Love the work and professionalism

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Automatic Security Gates Chicago

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Automatic Security Gates Chicago

In general, Chicago faces numerous security challenges because of its bustling urban center and its high population density. Chicago is popularly known for not only its spectacular architecture, but also for its relatively high crime rate. So, installing automatic security gates can certainly enhance safety in both urban and commercial areas. In addition, these gates provide a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access, effectively protecting buildings and properties from theft, vandalism, and other forms of criminal activity. Furthermore, automatic security gates Chicago, IL can also help regulate traffic flow, making it easier for authorities to monitor and control entry and exit points. By investing in this technology, Chicago can improve its security infrastructure and create a safer environment for its residents and visitors.

And, If you need to reinforce the security of your building in Chicago, then you have come certainly to the right place. Because our commercial fence contractors Chicago will give you a free quote that fits your demands. What’s more important, you can receive guidance from professionals to determine the most appropriate type of automated gate for you. Certainly, you have nothing to lose!

Increase the security of your PROPERTY now

We offer professional installation of automatic fence gates and electric systems in Chicago! 

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Why Choose our Rated Automatic Gate Systems in Chicago?

Automatic security Gates and Customized Design

Initially, you have the liberty to customize your electric gate according to your preferences, and we make sure to deliver all projects with the highest quality standards. Hence, our company offers the right product for every customer, so it doesn’t matter if it is for residential or commercial sector. So, if you are looking for an Automatic Gate Installation Chicago, then you have come to the right place.

Automatic Security Gates: Your All-In-One option

Secondly, our company certainly, takes pride in all we do, and when we install automatic security gates, you have the #1 in Chicago working for you. Besides, as leaders in the market for almost 50 years, our work speaks for us, so you can feel safe.

Furthermore, we also guide you through all the processes, this includes:

    • Designing your gate
    • Inspecting the installation site
    • Helping you with building permits

Automatic Security Gates: Variety of Styles

Thirdly, Osceola offers a wide selection of electric gates and styles. Therefore, each will work to meet different security needs, maintenance demands, and budgets. Therefore, we use high-quality materials to build our entranceways, and they can also be customized to meet your specific preferences and requirements like:

  • Wrought iron
  • Wood
  • Chain Link
  • Aluminum

And more…

Automatic Security Gates: High Return on Investment

And Lastly, the price of automated security gates can vary by the type of gate, the size of the installation, and other factors. But adding a security gate can also increase the value of your property, both residential and commercial. In other words, having an automatic security gate is a very good investment for your building because, you get the protection your building needs, plus the aesthetic appeal, even can be operated remotely. 

Automatic Security Gates Chicago

Improve the security of your property

We are the #1 fence company Chicago, manufacturing and installing Chicago  Automatic Security Gates for over 50 years.

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Get to Know The Types Of Automatic Security Gates in Chicago

In this section, we aim to discuss the variety of automatic gates that are available, which are outlined below. You will certainly be impressed by our selection of automatic gates, and we also provide the option of customization to match your unique preferences. We stand ready to assist you with any decision you make. With this in mind, you need to know the most important thing. Firstly, note that our variety is not only defined by styles, but also by materials. So, if you are looking for a sturdy security gate, our wrought iron gate and the wooden gate will be ideal for your project, but you can also opt for our chain link gate if you want more visibility. Therefore, whatever material you choose, you certainly will enjoy 100% reliable and high-quality security. Plus the warranty that Osceola Fence will build the electric gate in record-time.

Automatic Security Gates - Sliding-gates

So this type, of electric gate system, is most often a single leaf, with wheels beneath its base that runs on a track across the driveway entrance. Therefore, sliding gates are moved by a motor, to which a protruding toothed cog is attached. Finally, this meshes with a rack mounted on the inside of the gate, opening or closing the gate as the motor rotates the cog.

For this reason, a sliding gate can be installed in schools, warehouses, and every place where you have enough space. Because, even when it is a trendy option, you certainly need some space to operate this kind of system. But its mechanism is very common so, having a sliding gate is a great option because they are very secure and easy to operate. Plus, the maintenance is not complex.

Automatic-Security Gates -Overhead-I-Beam-Gate

Another gate is the Double Overhead I-Beam Slide Gate Trolley and is used with the commercial/industrial I-Beam gate system. Though not as trendy as conventional slide gates, because this system is still very common at big box store garden centers, prisons, and also other similar facilities.

So, this trolley is certainly the most heavy duty option we carry for this system and also features a durable galvanized finish.

Automatic Security Gates - Swing gate

Next, we have swing gates. And they are also our other type of our Automatic Swing Gates Chicago, IL

Basically, consist even of two parts or two gates that, when closed, make a single complete gate. So, the implementation of these gates is very varied, and it is a type of gate that, certainly, is versatile in terms of its use. 

The most important thing is understanding that, sliding gates are moved by a static motor. Therefor they can be implemented in; warehouses, parking lots, schools, business, etc.

Automatic Security Gates Chicago

Automatic security gates - Barrier Gate

We also have barrier gate systems. Firstly, they usually use a bar to block vehicle traffic. So, typically, the tip of the barrier arm rises to allow entry or exit access. Therefore, they are in use from airports to office buildings, and parking ramps barrier gates efficiently manage vehicle traffic

In addition, barrier gates are very easy to operate, and their system is widely used because they work with a pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access through a controlled point.

Cantilever Gate

On the other hand, we also manage cantilever gates.
These gates belong to the category of sliding gates. So, they are called this because they use what is known as a “cantilever” system. Therefore, in this type of system, a structure hangs over the edge of something, without external bracing.

So basically, they are supported by rollers that are tucked behind the fencing and remain suspended when opening and closing. Generally, can be built using different materials, including iron, steel, aluminum, wood, and even composite.

Enclosed Track Gate

Finally, we have our highly durable, secure, and easy-to-operate perimeter security solution. Nonetheless, this robust system represents expertise in structural engineering, gate manufacturing, and also installation.

As an intended safety measure, Enclosed Rail effectively reduces liability risks, making it a trustworthy option for ensuring security.

Hence, it facilitates the smooth functioning of both manually controlled and automated gate systems, which operate by a fixed motor.

Professional craftsmanship

Combine your automatic gate with our security fences.

Call Today For Top Rated Commercial fence installation Chicago

Our company offers complete security for the commercial and also for the urban sector throughout Chicago and its suburbs. Hence, If you need to increase the security of your business, we also offer an exclusive range of commercial fences for maximum security. And the most important thing is that you can choose the style of your preference, and we also customize it according to your demands. 

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Customized Design With High Quality

Stop looking for fencing companies Chicago near me, and also call us to ask for our installation of Automatic Security Gates

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start your Gate installation project the right way

Start your project with us, because our staff will certainly make sure to acquire any basic permits with any city or village indeed. However, if you decide to go elsewhere or if you want to install it yourself, we just want to make sure you are good on the matter. Plus!, As you may already know, Chicago has very strict laws, procedures, and permits. So, make sure you abide by the regulations before you start any project. Additionally, we are leaving here a couple of links to resources that may prove helpful.

Automatic Security Gates Chicago


Jhon Williams
Jhon Willliams
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We hired Osceola Fence on the recommendation of a close friend, and who knew that I needed to increase the security of my warehouse, So even knowing that, I am a very demanding person my friend passed me the contact. Therefore, I sent my requirements and my design, and wow! I was amazed, my automatic gate installation looked great, I certainly recommend their service with my eyes closed!
Norman Ford
Norman Ford
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I was out of town, and outcast people broke into my business a few months ago, and I was practically broke, so I decided to invest in an electric gates Chicago, and looking for a budget that would fit my security I decided on Osceola Fence, and the truth is they did an incredible job, and their staff is very friendly and the installation was in the blink of an eye. Plus, The service is 100% recommended.
Jason Miller
Jason Miller
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Excellent service, the work team worked very well, I requested a security gate, and the truth is that they have a 10/10 very nice finish and the professionalism of Osceola Fence makes me recommend them blindly.
Harris Loyd
Harris Loyd
Read More
I belong to the department of resources and administration of a zoo, and in the arrival of some animals that we brought our front gate broke down, then my boss asked me to find a security services company, and I found several companies on the internet, I called one by one and only Osceola Fence met the requirements, they installed very quickly, and their quality and resistance is seen at a glance, this company I totally recommend it.


Certainly it worth it.

Of course, just being able to control access in and out from the comfort and security of your vehicle is one of the main benefits. Plus, having an electric system will avoid insurance costs and hiring a human staff, so it will save you money and most important you will save time.

In this situation

it will depend entirely on firstly, the style, secondly; the material, thirdly the design and finally, additions you want to add to your automatic gate. So In this case we certainly recommend you to contact your trusted contractor, or you can also call us for a free estimate.

Once Again

This depends entirely on the style of installation. But, at a gate, opening and closing does not take too much time. Besides, there are batteries that save a lot of energy.

If you need it, of course.

For example, there are very particular occasions when we sadly cannot use the automatic gate system. So, it is important that the installation has a “Manual Release” to prevent the owner from not being able to enter or exit.

Have more questions?

Contact us at 773-4173107, for our commercial electric gate systems Chicago

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