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Roof Guardrail

Roof safety railings are essential to prevent falls. Get your roof guardrail in Chicago from a certified rooftop safety professional.  We offer customizable guardrails for commercial properties. Select from a wide variety of materials and styles. Osceola Fence is more than just a fence company in Chicago, we make sure your property is protected, always.  Furthermore, you can count on our professional rooftop safety team for all your needs. We can customize and install any roof guardrail system. Securing your roof is highly important. In fact, it’s a rquirement to protect roof skylights, hatches, parapets. Doing so will protect you against any liability issues in the case of an accident. 

Since all business owners need to comply with safety regulations, staircases are perfect for any company. 

Roof Guardrail in Chicago Il

OSHA’s requires safety rooftop guardrails. Which is why at Osceola Fence we are  compliant with regulations for roof guardrails in Chicago. More information can be found on the OSHA website. 

By following our quick guide.

  • First, the top rails must be 42″  from the walking surface.
  • Second, middle rails must be halfway between the top rail and the walking surface.
  • Third, rails must withstand a 200 lb. force in a downward or lateral direction.
For further information you can view additional Osha Roof Railing Safety Requirements.

Ensure Rooftop Safety

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Roof Guardrail Chicago Il
Roof Guardrail in Chicago Il


Non-penetrating permanent railings.

As an industry-standard roof railing. Just about all components are designed and assembled on-site so you can avoid penetrating the surface of the roof.

Metal Rooftop Guardrail

Metal Roof Railing is taller and higher performing designed to enhance the safety of your employees. 

Roof Parapet Railing

This railing is designed to meet global standards for fall protection.

Roof Hatch Railing 

Per OSHA requirements, hatches must be protected with safety guardrails along with a self-closing gate. 

Steel Guardrails

Due to using a Steel Non-penetrating Guardrail enables your property to comply with OSHA fall prevention safety without penetrating the roof membrane.

Aluminum Roof Railing

An Aluminum Non-penetrating Guardrail acts as a permanent fall protection system. Completely customizable for added aesthetics to any building. 

Steel Galvanized

Our Steel Non-penetrating or Fixed Galvanized Guardrails combine style and safety to compliment any building design. Available in Non-penetrating and Fixed roof systems.

Cable Roof Guardrail

Provides a safe and compliant approach to roof edge fall prevention. This system meets OSHA Regulation 1926.501(b)(1), and 1926.502.

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