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Is your business in need of additional Security? We have the most complete business security products to help you. Here at Osceola Fence, we have been proudly serving Chicago with commercial fence installation since 1975. We are a trusted industry leader providing high-quality design and durable commercial fences. So, if you are looking for a trusted fence contractor, look no further than Osceola! 

We offer the following reliable and affordable installation services:

  • Iron Fences and Gates.
  • Automated Security Gates and Openers.
  • Iron Railings Chicago.
  • Wrought Iron Fence Parkways.
  • Chain Link Fences.
  • Vinyl Fences.
  • Wood Fences.
  • Iron Bollards

Why work with our Commercial Fence Installation for Chicago?

Osceola Fence Corp delivers quality and great craftsmanship. We have over 40 years of experience as a Chicago fencing company. Also, the best choice for commercial fence installation in Chicago. We offer a wide selection of fences made from long-lasting materials. And Our team of highly trained professionals will assist you in selecting the commercial fences that match your project, style, and budget.

What type of Commerical fence is right for my business?

We know every business is different and that your needs are unique as well. Which is why we offer custom made fences that can be combined with our other security products. So, no matter what your needs are, our fencing contractors will provide you with the best security solution for your business.

Commercial Fence Installation for Chicago: looks are important to you?

If you are aiming for a great look and aesthetics is your main concern. Then, we recommend ornamental iron fences.  This type of iron can be highly customized and is a durable long-lasting material.

Concerned about access control?

If knowing who enters and exits your property is important. Then, we suggest combining a commercial fence with an automated gate opener. So, our automatic gates can be enabled with card entry access. And this will allow you to designate and control who enters and leaves your property.

Looking for an affordable Solution?

If you have a smaller budget in mind. Then, we have chain link and wood fences available.

A Complete Integrated Security Solution with our Commercial Fence Installation for Chicago

At Osceola Fence we don’t just do fencing. But we can also combine your fence project with our high-end security camera systems and business intercom solutions. So, no matter your situation you can customize and combine options any time. 

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We have a full line of products catered to business security. Our products include: Iron, Automatic Gates, Gate Operators, Chain-Link Fence, Ornamental Iron, Window Guards, Access Control Systems, PVC Vinyl Fence, Wood Fence, Iron Bollards,  Iron Railings, Security Cameras,  Intercoms and  more.

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Do I Need Fence Permits In Chicago?

If you are wondering if you need a permit to build a fence outside of your business here in Osceola Fence we got you covered. Given how beautiful Chicago is, it is no surprise that things need to be regulated. 

    • Chicago does not need a permit when the fence is 5 feet or less. As long as it is made with the typical materials.
    • If you are looking to make a Commercial Fence then you need to contact the Chicago Department of Buildings. 
    • All codes and permits may vary depending on what you are building. However here we can guide you throughout the process.

Why should you work with Osceola Fence Company?

We Offer a 1 Year Warranty

We know quality is your priority and having a long lasting fence your main concern. You can have peace of mind since our 1-year warranty is in place and to cover quality, workmanship or any defects during this time. 

Our Experience

We have been in business for over 40 years now and know all there is to know about fence installation. We are continually learning and training our staff on the latest trends and technology to be up to date on current trends.

Rest assured you are working with an experienced and professional fence contractor.


We pride ourselves providing our customers with the perfect result every time and our hard working staff will go above and beyond to excel your expectations.

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