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We have the most complete business security products. And Commercial Fence Installation in Chicago Illinois to help you. Here at Osceola Fence, we have been proudly serving Chicago since 1975. We are a trusted industry leader providing high-quality design and durable commercial fences. So, if you are looking for a trusted fence contractor, look no further than Osceola! 

Since all business owners need to follow safety regulations, staircases are perfect for any company. 

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  • And much more!
Just got our fence done everyone was a pleasure to work with! Very professional, we are completely satisfied. Would work with again! Update: Still amazing! Got a gate done and it turned out beautifully.
Mark H
Mark H
Osceola Fence is the only choice for me when it comes to my family's fencing needs. They are professional, courteous, and do excellent work. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.
valerie lee
valerie lee
Quality of the work was excellent as well as professional workers and staff returned all phone calls made to them
Linda Duplantis
Linda Duplantis
Re: Osceloa fence, 1928 N Leamington, Chgo 11/22/2022 Thank you for coming out again to rectify the complaint I had about the latch bolt not reaching the strike plate properly. I had that problem in April, several months after installation. At that time Johnny (installer) put in several washer to fill in space so that gate would close. Unfortunately that was not a long term solution, as by October I was faced with the same problem. Although we had some miscommunications and I was getting rather frustrated, in the end you stood behind your product and installation and my gate now appears to be functioning properly. Johnny, your installer, put a brace on the right hand post that was embedded in the sidewalk and drilled that into the house brick. That seems to have straightened the post that was imbedded in the sidewalk allowing the latch bolt to reach the strike pad. (What good is a fancy, expensive gate if it doesn’t close!) He was kind enough to say that if that didn’t work, he would be willing to come out again and reinstall one of the posts. Let’s hope that that will not be necessary! Thank you to the girls in the office, Jackie and Maria, who have been very kind and even returned, I think, one of my phone calls. That is not a common occurrence in this day so I am grateful. Many of my neighbors have commented on how nice the gates look.
Diego Pacheco
Diego Pacheco
I am very happy! They are the best fence company in Chicago. I had the fastest service and great staff. Very gentle people and they gave me all the answers I ask for! I recommend it!
daniel morales
daniel morales
It is the first time I have hired your service and I am really satisfied with everything. It was a fast service and at a very good price. They are good guys to work with. Definitely recommendable. 9/10
Fernando Reyes Torres
Fernando Reyes Torres
I have hired their services on more than one occasion and I must say that I am very satisfied. Their pricing was very competitive and the quality of their work is excellent. I would definitely recommend them.
Alyssa E. Motter
Alyssa E. Motter
Osceola did an excellent job on our fence project. They had to match an existing fence and did so perfectly. They were also communicative, punctual, and professional.
Tina Godinho
Tina Godinho
Love the work and professionalism

Commercial Fence Company Chicago, IL

Start securing your business today. If you are looking for a commercial fence contractors you will find the best experts with us. We have been proudly serving Chicago for years. We are your best option for custom Commercial and Industrial Fences.

View our full line of commercial fencing security options.

We have a full line of products catered to business security. Our products include: Iron, Automatic Gates, Gate Operators, Chain-Link Fence, Ornamental Iron, Window Guards, Access Control Systems, PVC Vinyl Fence, Wood Fence, Iron Bollards,  Iron Railings, Security Cameras,  Intercoms and more.

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Best Options for Commercial Fence Installation in Chicago IL

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So, why should you work with Osceola Fence Company?

We Offer a 1 Year Warranty

We know quality is your priority and having a long lasting fence your main concern. But, you can have peace of mind since our 1-year warranty is in place and to cover quality, workmanship or any defects during this time. 

Our Experience

We have been in business for over 40 years now and know all there is to know about fence installation. But also, we are continually learning and training our staff on the latest trends and technology to be up to date on current trends.

Rest assured you are working with an experienced and professional fence contractor.


We pride ourselves providing our customers with the perfect result every time and our hard working staff will go above and beyond to excel your expectations.

Commercial Fencing Chicago

We have a full line of products catered to business security. Our products include: Iron, Automatic Gates, Gate Operators, Chain-Link Fence, Ornamental Iron, Window Guards, Access Control Systems, PVC Vinyl Fence, Wood Fence, Iron Bollards,  Iron Railings, Security Cameras,  Intercoms and more.

Get your business secured today!

Aro you looking for extra security for your business?

You will have the Best Commercial Fence Installation for your business

Do you need fence and gate installation?

We are your ally! Commercial and industrial fences and gates are some of the best investments you can do for your business. However, security is something you should never take lightly. Are you still looking for a Commercial and Industrial Fence Contractor? Osceola Fence Company is your best option!

Everything in Industrial Fencing installation

Our designs and materials are varied. We use everything from expanded metal to high-density chain link fencing. We also have access control solutions that combine strength and ease of use. Our Industrial Fence Installations processes are designed to protect any asset that cannot be compromised at all. Every barrier system is designed by the best to be the best. Our team strives to provide unmatched perimeter protection. Our barrier systems are the easiest and most flexible systems to install. We offer unparalleled security that is easy to put in place.

Commercial Fence Installation Chicago Il

Industrial Fence Installation

Chain link

We design and manufacture barrier options. Our products are relentless, undeniably strong and easy to install.

Access control

Our solutions are designed to strengthen your barrier system against the most sophisticated attackers.

Barrier systems

Our barrier systems are assembled for the strongest and most efficient braking power.

Do I Need Fence Permits In Chicago?

Commercial Fencing Chicago

If you are wondering if you need a permit to build a fence outside of your business here in Osceola Fence we got you covered. But, given how beautiful Chicago is, it is no surprise that things need to be regulated. So, you wold like to check them.
  • First, Chicago does not need a permit when the fence is 5 feet or less. As long as it is made with the typical materials.
  • Then, if you are looking to make a Commercial Fence then you need to contact the Chicago Department of Buildings.
  • Finally, all codes and permits may vary depending on what you are building. But here we can guide you throughout the process.

Why work with our Commercial Fence Installation for Chicago?

Osceola Fence Corp delivers quality and great craftsmanship. We have over 40 years of experience as a Chicago fencing company. Also, the best choice for commercial fence installation in Chicago. We offer a wide selection of fences made from long-lasting materials. Our professionals will assist you in selecting the fence that match your project.

What type of Commerical fence is right for my business?

We know every business is different and that your needs are unique as well. Which is why we offer custom made fences that can be combined with our other security products. So, no matter what your needs are. Our fencing contractors will provide you the best security solution for your business.

Chicago Commercial Fence Installation: looks are important to you?

If you are aiming for a great look and aesthetics is your main concern. Then, we recommend ornamental iron fences.  This type of iron can be highly customized and is a durable long-lasting material.

Concerned about access control?

If knowing who enters and exits your property is important. Then, we suggest combining a commercial fence with an automated gate opener. So, our automatic gates can be enabled with card entry access. And this will allow you to control who enters and leaves your property.

Looking for an affordable Solution?

If you have a smaller budget in mind. Then, we have chain link and wood fences available.

A Complete Integrated Security Solution with our Commercial Fence Installation for Chicago

At Osceola Fence we don’t just do fencing. But we can also combine your fence project with our high-end security camera systems and business intercom solutions. So, no matter your situation you can customize and combine options any time.

Do you have any concerns about Commercial Fencing?

Call us today (773) 417-3107,  You count with a Commercial Fence Installation Near me


Britney Brown
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I am very pleased with the speed that Osceola fence achieved in replacing my wrought iron stair cases in my Chicago store with aluminum railings, they gave it the look and feel I was looking for, the workers worked very neat and clean, and the place now looks amazing! thank you very much!
Monica Broadway
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I needed to restore my iron railings, because the style of my lamp store is very classic and I need to give a cozy look to my users, but I simply got bored with the design I already had, so searching the internet the first option that came up in the search was Osceola Fence and soon I understood why; their kindness, their way to guide me through the process of design, and installation to get exactly what I wanted. Thanks to Osceola Fence my store looks better than ever. I highly recommend this company, truly Osceola Fence is the best in all of Chicago.
Bryan Williams
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I own a warehouse and I needed a good security system, I searched for more than a month who could manufacture what I wanted and how I wanted it without taking advantage of my pocket, then I met Osceola Fence, I stayed with them, and requested the installation of a chain link fence, security cameras, and they also offered me the installation of an electric gate, and what an incredible change in my business. Now my employees are more comfortable, there is more productivity in the warehouse and all this is thanks to Osceola Fence, so simply thank you, you have a 100/100.
Charles Simpson
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I have a stationery store and I have been working for more than 35 years, I am already at an age where everything hurts. I had a very heavy old gate that I had to open and close to access the wedding, so at the beginning of the day I would suffer from back pain and at the end of the day it was even worse, so I decided to invest in an electric gate in Chicago with Osceola Fence, and now I can open and close the gate from the comfort of my vehicle, which made my back pain end, so thanks Osceola Fence, I owe my health to you, it has been the best investment of my entire life.