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Glencoe Fence Company proudly serves clients throughout the Glencoe area. We offer a wide range of fencing styles for commercial and residential properties. Our company uses long-lasting materials of the highest quality to ensure security. We pay attention to any detail, and that makes us a premier fence and security solutions company. 

We go beyond fences 

Explore the options below and then contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our services include fence and security system solutions for homes and businesses properties.

Just got our fence done everyone was a pleasure to work with! Very professional, we are completely satisfied. Would work with again! Update: Still amazing! Got a gate done and it turned out beautifully.
Mark H
Mark H
Osceola Fence is the only choice for me when it comes to my family's fencing needs. They are professional, courteous, and do excellent work. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.
valerie lee
valerie lee
Quality of the work was excellent as well as professional workers and staff returned all phone calls made to them
Linda Duplantis
Linda Duplantis
Re: Osceloa fence, 1928 N Leamington, Chgo 11/22/2022 Thank you for coming out again to rectify the complaint I had about the latch bolt not reaching the strike plate properly. I had that problem in April, several months after installation. At that time Johnny (installer) put in several washer to fill in space so that gate would close. Unfortunately that was not a long term solution, as by October I was faced with the same problem. Although we had some miscommunications and I was getting rather frustrated, in the end you stood behind your product and installation and my gate now appears to be functioning properly. Johnny, your installer, put a brace on the right hand post that was embedded in the sidewalk and drilled that into the house brick. That seems to have straightened the post that was imbedded in the sidewalk allowing the latch bolt to reach the strike pad. (What good is a fancy, expensive gate if it doesn’t close!) He was kind enough to say that if that didn’t work, he would be willing to come out again and reinstall one of the posts. Let’s hope that that will not be necessary! Thank you to the girls in the office, Jackie and Maria, who have been very kind and even returned, I think, one of my phone calls. That is not a common occurrence in this day so I am grateful. Many of my neighbors have commented on how nice the gates look.
Diego Pacheco
Diego Pacheco
I am very happy! They are the best fence company in Chicago. I had the fastest service and great staff. Very gentle people and they gave me all the answers I ask for! I recommend it!
daniel morales
daniel morales
It is the first time I have hired your service and I am really satisfied with everything. It was a fast service and at a very good price. They are good guys to work with. Definitely recommendable. 9/10
Fernando Reyes Torres
Fernando Reyes Torres
I have hired their services on more than one occasion and I must say that I am very satisfied. Their pricing was very competitive and the quality of their work is excellent. I would definitely recommend them.
Alyssa E. Motter
Alyssa E. Motter
Osceola did an excellent job on our fence project. They had to match an existing fence and did so perfectly. They were also communicative, punctual, and professional.
Tina Godinho
Tina Godinho
Love the work and professionalism

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Chain Link Fence Glencoe

Enhance your security with commercial chain link fences Glencoe around your company or residential property. Therefore, you can enhance the exterior appearance of your commercial or residential property with a low-cost fence option that requires minimal maintenance. 

Wood Fence Glencoe

We offer a personalized service tailored to meet the aesthetic and budgetary needs of each client. At Glencoe Fence Company, we offer a variety of wood fence options. Get a unique wood fence by contracting our skilled professionals.

Vinyl Fence Glencoe

We are the leading vinyl fence company in Glencoe, IL. We offer a wide selection of attractive vinyl fence options. Vinyl fences are a great low maintenance security solution. We install and repair vinyl fences for commercial and residential customers.

Wrought Iron Fences Glencoe

Glencoe Fence Company offers a variety of wrought iron fence styles that beautifully compliment the exterior of homes and businesses. We take care of all the commercial wrought iron fence glencoe or repair details in order to offer the best customer service experience.

Iron Railings Glencoe

We can craft the perfect iron railing to compliment your stairs, porch, and balcony. Our goal is to provide high-quality solutions at affordable prices. For more than 40 years, our team of highly trained professionals has specialized in installing and repairing iron railings.

Iron Bollards

We offer a variety of protective iron bollards for homes and businesses in the Highland Park area. Our skilled professionals can help you select the iron bollards that are right for you.

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It’s no secret that Chicago has a reputation for its high crime rate; and even though the burglary rate is slightly less than the national average, Chicago still saw over 14,000 burglaries in 2018, or about three homes for every 1,000. Thats why we offer security with commercial fencing glencoe

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Look at our Fence Company's latest projects

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Commercial fencing glencoe: The solution for security that your porperties need. Request a FREE QUOTE!


Daniel Brooke
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I requested to replace the fence of my home during the winter and Osceola Fence was the only one that came, I feel safe and secure knowing that I invested in an excellent company, they are truly the number 1 in all of Chicago, now my family and I have the privacy that we wanted so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Casandra Morgan
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My business was almost going bankrupt and Osceola Fence helped me! I have a small restaurant but due to the cold winter my security was greatly affected. Then I saw the website and I had to take a chance, I was desperate, and let me tell you it is the best investment I have ever made, they replaced the stair railings and my chain link fence and repaired it, now and it was enough to bring the business back to life. Thank you Osceola Fence, you guys are amazing!
Peter Brown
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Everything I needed Osceola delivered, the best investment of my life. I have been living in Glencoey for 3 years now and have been making some changes to the house I bought. I took advantage of almost everything Osceola offers, and they literally have everything you need to make a home more secure, I hired them for a railing installation, and I added fencing all over my property, putting in an automatic gate, installing railings for a new deck I am building and security cameras for the entrance to my home and they delivered! Thank you Osceola Fence, you guys are amazing!
Jacob Milton
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Simply incredible as a warehouse manager of a hardware store, security is vital in my business, I have been working for 16 years and I know how vulnerable businesses are to vandalism. I requested an automatic door and the truth was incredible the detail management, precision and speed with which they were able to attach everything. Your team of people is formidable, very good work, I recommend this company entirely.

Fence Permits

In every city, there are laws and permits for installing fences. Below, we leave you the information; so that, you can do the procedure according to your locality.

Glencoe Fence Permits



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