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Industrial Fence Company Bensenville


Industrial Fence Company Bensenville

Bensenville Industrial Fence Contractors

Osceola Fence Company has been in the market for more than 40 years offering the Best Fence Contractors in Bensenville.  Rest easy knowing that we will take care of your project.

Our company has the best options for any Comercial and Residential options. We are the #1 Fence Company in Bensenville with the biggest variety of services for your home or business. If you are looking for the best security options, customizable fences and more, contact us today!

Industrial Fencing Solutions at your Fingertips

Bensenville Industrial Fence Company serves clients in the Bensenville area. There, our team gives quality services. We offer a full line of vinyl, chain-link, iron, and wood fences. Our company offers automatic security gates. Get the best security camera systems for residential and commercial properties. Our Company offers the best commercial and industrial fencing. We have what you need to keep your place safe. We only use the highest quality materials. Our fence methods are up to date. Our team follows a serious quality control to make your fence durable. For over 30 years we have been the leading company in industrial and commercial fencing. Get the best customer service today!

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Our Customer Reviews

Just got our fence done everyone was a pleasure to work with! Very professional, we are completely satisfied. Would work with again! Update: Still amazing! Got a gate done and it turned out beautifully.
Mark H
Mark H
Osceola Fence is the only choice for me when it comes to my family's fencing needs. They are professional, courteous, and do excellent work. I highly recommend them to my friends and family.
valerie lee
valerie lee
Quality of the work was excellent as well as professional workers and staff returned all phone calls made to them
Linda Duplantis
Linda Duplantis
Re: Osceloa fence, 1928 N Leamington, Chgo 11/22/2022 Thank you for coming out again to rectify the complaint I had about the latch bolt not reaching the strike plate properly. I had that problem in April, several months after installation. At that time Johnny (installer) put in several washer to fill in space so that gate would close. Unfortunately that was not a long term solution, as by October I was faced with the same problem. Although we had some miscommunications and I was getting rather frustrated, in the end you stood behind your product and installation and my gate now appears to be functioning properly. Johnny, your installer, put a brace on the right hand post that was embedded in the sidewalk and drilled that into the house brick. That seems to have straightened the post that was imbedded in the sidewalk allowing the latch bolt to reach the strike pad. (What good is a fancy, expensive gate if it doesn’t close!) He was kind enough to say that if that didn’t work, he would be willing to come out again and reinstall one of the posts. Let’s hope that that will not be necessary! Thank you to the girls in the office, Jackie and Maria, who have been very kind and even returned, I think, one of my phone calls. That is not a common occurrence in this day so I am grateful. Many of my neighbors have commented on how nice the gates look.
Diego Pacheco
Diego Pacheco
I am very happy! They are the best fence company in Chicago. I had the fastest service and great staff. Very gentle people and they gave me all the answers I ask for! I recommend it!
daniel morales
daniel morales
It is the first time I have hired your service and I am really satisfied with everything. It was a fast service and at a very good price. They are good guys to work with. Definitely recommendable. 9/10
Fernando Reyes Torres
Fernando Reyes Torres
I have hired their services on more than one occasion and I must say that I am very satisfied. Their pricing was very competitive and the quality of their work is excellent. I would definitely recommend them.
Alyssa E. Motter
Alyssa E. Motter
Osceola did an excellent job on our fence project. They had to match an existing fence and did so perfectly. They were also communicative, punctual, and professional.
Tina Godinho
Tina Godinho
Love the work and professionalism

Industrial Fence Company Bensenville

Industrial fencing Bensenville, We are a solution for your property

Add security and attractiveness to your business

Our team of security and quality control experts will ensure that your project is carried out successfully. We are committed to excellence in the design, execution, warranty and maintenance of your project. Get the best fences on the market at the most affordable price.





Industrial Fences that Last

Choose the right fence for your property

Every single property needs its own type of care and residential properties might need a more decorated fence, whereas commercial or industrial properties might go for something sturdy and safe. Either way, we offer all those options; whether you want a fence for your home or your business all you have to do is call.
We’ll be there to give you a free quote and guide you throughout the installation process. Call today for your free quote!

Industrial Fence Company Bensenville - barrier gate

Our Industrial Fence Installation Process

We have a pretty streamlined process to help you get your fence installed in a smooth way:
- Call today to get a Free Quote
- Choose your design
- Check which permits are needed
- Get started with the installation

Top Quality Work

After 40+ years of service we can work for every company you can imagine. From schools to public parks. From big to small homes. Our experience is second to none. You can browse our work in our gallery for more reference. And, if you still want more, do not hesitate on contacting us. We take pride on our work and the safety we give to every customer.

Different Styles

Our team strives to offer you the best, so we have different styles to choose from:

Industries We Work With



Public Transportation




Call for a Free Quote

Get your free consultation. We are just one phone call away: (773) 278-4762

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Fences

Get the best fences for your home, business or industry.

Customized Fence Design

One of the biggest benefits that you’ll get when hiring us, is a fully customizable fence project. If you have an idea, we’ll make it happen. No matter the material or the size. We adapt to your every need.

  • We only work with the best material
  • As a fence company, we have a lot of options you can choose from
  • Once you have selected the material we’ll let you browse a variety of designs
  • Customize your fence as you see fit
  • Designs for both residential and commercial areas
Industrial Fence Company Bensenville - chain link

Industrial and Commercial Security

Work with the Best Industrial Fence Company in Bensenville

Industrial fencing Bensenville, our experience is about 40 years

Considering installing an intercom security system in your property?

You’re making the right choice!  Protecting your home or business is of high importance. Security Cameras & Intercom Systems are the perfect way to secure the home from theft. An intercom security system works as a two-way communication electronic device. It contains circuitry to transmit and receive audio and/or video. Secure your commercial property against break-ins and theft. Protect your business from burglars and fraudulent employees. We offer a great variety of cameras and intercom systems. Choose the one that best suits you!

Our security systems reduce any criminal activity. We offer automatic gate services, security camera systems, intercoms and more. If you want high quality security equipment, Osceola Fence is the best choice.

Call 773-278-4762 (residential) / 773-4173107 (commercial) today for a free estimate! We can tell you all about the different security elements that we offer. Also, we can assist you in designing and implementing the best security plan. We want to help you prevent loss and keep everything and everyone safe.

Get the Best Bensenville Commercial and Industrial Fencing Solutions

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Martin Smith
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I am delighted with the professionalism of the people at Osceola Fence, I needed to repair the fence of my business, and among several quotes that I consulted with other fence companies I decided on them because they were the ones that advertised the best prices. And the work was incredible in just 1 day they replaced the entire commercial wood fence with an industrial fence. Thank you Osceola Fence you have changed my business forever!
Jacob Morrison
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Together with my wife and some friends we have a school, and during the vacation season, I decided it was time to replace the railings of the institution, there were about 700 railings that I would replace the iron railings with aluminum railings, I asked for help and we all looked for quotes, Clara my wife was the one who got the quote that best suited what I wanted, we saw that Osceola Fence has 40 years of experience so we trusted them and called them. What happened left me speechless, it only took them 7 days to remove all the iron railings and replace them with aluminum, it was incredible to see them work and that they could fabricate so many railings in such a short time. I recommend this company for high precision and security work. I give them 10/10.
Gustav Phillip
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We just moved into a neighborhood here in Chicago, my wife my kids and of course our dog starky,And I remember the first thing I said I needed before we moved was to fence the place for our dog to cover freely. So I found out on the internet that there was an Osceola Fence location here in Bensenville so I didn't hesitate and gave them a call, the work speaks for itself. I requested a chain link fence and within a few hours they finished the job. Now, we are all very pleased and happy.
Laura Moore
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I always wanted balcony railings in my home, and it was always my dream, so I convinced my husband to install some on the outside of our house. And he told me to look for the ones I liked the most, after 4 days of searching I still wasn't convinced until I read on the internet about Osceola Fence and they could make CUSTOM IRON RAILINGS, that really got me because I could design them to my liking. They came and put up beautiful balcony railings. Now we have the most beautiful house in the neighborhood. Thank you Osceola Fence I highly recommend them.

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