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Lincolnwood Fence Company serves its clients throughout the Lincolnwood area. Our qualified team provides you quality fence and security services. We have a full line of chain link fences, iron fences, wood fences, vinyl fences and more.

In Lincolnwood Fence Company you will find unique and personalized styles. We also offer automatic security gates and security camera systems for residential and commercial properties.

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Commercial Fencing Solutions at your Fingertips

We know that security is one of the most important issues facing commercial properties. Proper commercial fencing is critical to protecting your business, your customers and your employees from a wide range of threats, such as theft and vandalism.

We pride ourselves on having a track record of success. Our team is dedicated to meeting your business security needs. Always with the best service. We use excellent material and supplies to make your project successful. Trust us to handle your commercial fencing needs.

We are experts in commercial fence installation. Our company is well known for providing access control and perimeter security products to businesses. Our name is synonymous with quality products and reliable service. We will gladly meet your fencing and security needs by providing and installing commercial fencing and related products to suit all types of job requirements. We also perform aesthetic applications to your fences and offer a variety of services to enhance the usability, functionality and security of your business. Our team plans, designs, builds, and installs K-4 to K-12 rated fencing, security barriers, gates, and bollard systems to provide security. We also offer anti-climb and anti-ram protection systems. In addition, our surveillance camera system complements our full range of services. 

Lincolnwood Fence Contractors

Osceola Fence Company has been in the market for more than 40 years offering the Best Fence Contractors in Lincolnwood.  Rest easy knowing that we will take care of your project.

Our company has the best options for any Comercial and Residential options. We are the #1 Fence Company in Lincolnwood with the biggest variety of services for your home or business. If you are looking for the best security options, customizable fences and more, contact us today!

Great Fencing Style for your Commercial Property

Commercial fencing plays a vital role in defining key activities of your business. Fences can be used to control and maintain pedestrian and vehicular traffic movements and automobile parking. Fences can also be used to separate staff-only areas from general access areas. In addition, they are versatile so you can customize your fence to the style of your business.





Great Door Complements

We have a wide variety of gates available to complement any type of fence. This will add more security to your property but also a lot of style.

Check out our single or double gates, sliding, remote controlled or automated gates. All exquisitely installed to protect access points.

All you need for Industrial Fencing

We specialize in giving services to all types of industries. Our company works work with small, medium and large businesses. No matter the size of your project, we will do it with excellence and quality.

Our industrial fencing will benefit you and your company.

Some Benefits:

  • Preventing unauthorized access
  • Restricting access to dangerous situations
  • Eliminating vandalism repair bills
  • Reducing insurance premiums
  • Keeping your workers safe

Some Industries We Work With




Public Transportation


Automotive Industry



How can we help you?

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Fences

Get the best fences for your home, business or industry.

Iron Fencing 

Installation and repair of iron fences are one of our specialties. We keep your aesthetic and budget needs in mind. Always offering quality iron fences. Our job comes with a one year warranty. Proudly serving Business owners and residents for over 40 years.

 Wood Fence

We offer a big selection of wood fences. You can choose among a lot of styles. Our wood fences will enhance your commercial or residential property’s. Always offering security and curb appeal. Get a unique fence by contracting our experienced professionals.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences protect your pets, children, clients or workers. They enclose your property. This low-cost fencing allows to you boost the security  of your home or business. Chain link fences are safe and easy to keep.


Wrought Iron Fence 

Complete the exterior of your  home or business with our beautiful wrought iron fence. We have a lot of styles, each one related to your tastes and needs. Wrought iron fence gives security. The fence wont need special care during the first years of install or repair.

Vinyl Fence

Our company guarantees you a great vinyl fence installation or repair. Glenview Fence Company has a large selection of long-lasting vinyl fence. All available for you. Vinyl fences don’t need painting, dyeing, or sanding care. It makes them an affordable option for our clients.

Iron Bollards

Our iron bollards offer is an big variety of high quality. We offer quality fences. Iron bollards are designed to protect Glenview homes and businesses.

Find the Best Security System

It’s no secret that Chicago has a reputation for its high crime rate; and even though the burglary rate is slightly less than the national average, Chicago still saw over 14,000 burglaries in 2018, or about three homes for every 1,000.

Fence Permits

In every city there are laws and regulations for the installation of fences, both in residences and in businesses. Below, we leave you the complementary information so that you can do the pertinent procedure according to your locality.




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