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Industrial Fencing Chicago

Industrial Fence Company – Chicago, IL

What worries business owners the most is security. Additional security is of major importance. So, learn more about Industrial Fencing Chicago with us and keep your industrial property safe.

A lot of business owners hire an industrial fence company to secure their working areas. Here at Osceola Fence, we have the most complete business security products to help you. You can trust us. We offer high-quality industrial fence design and durable fences. Thus, if you are looking for a trusted industrial fencing contractor, look no further! Osceola can take care of it.

Some of our experience includes but is not limited to the following industrial properties:

  • Factory-warehouse multiuse property
  • Heavy manufacturing buildings
  • Industrial parks
  • Light manufacturing buildings
  • Research and development parks
  • Equestrian Centers and Farms
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Industrial Fencing chicago

Keep your Industrial Property Safe

Industrial Fence Installation

Chain link

We design and manufacture barrier options. Our products are relentless, undeniably strong and easy to install.


Access control

Our solutions are designed to strengthen your barrier system against the most sophisticated attackers.


Barrier systems

Our barrier systems are assembled for the strongest and most efficient braking power.

Why choose Osceola Fence?

Our designs and materials are varied. We use everything from expanded metal to high density chain link fencing. We also have access control solutions that combine strength and ease of use. Our Industrial Fence Installations processes are designed to protect any asset that cannot be compromised at all. Every barrier system is designed by the best to be the best. Our team strives to provide unmatched perimeter protection.  Our barrier systems are the easiest and most flexible systems to install. We offer unparalleled security that is easy to implement.

At Osceola Fence we combine your fence project with our high-end security camera systems and business intercom solutions. So, no matter your situation you can customize options.

We Offer a 1 Year Warranty

We know quality is your priority and having a long lasting fence your main concern. So, you can have peace of mind since our 1-year warranty is in place. It is time to increase the security of your business in Chicago.

Our Experience

We have been in business for over 40 years now and know all there is to know about fence installation.


We pride ourselves providing our customers with the perfect result every time. Also, our hard working staff will go above and beyond to excel your expectations.

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Industrial Fence Types

You can combine or customize your industrial fencing options:

  • Steel Fencing
  • Wood Fences
  • Chain Link fencing
  • Metal Hoarding
  • Aluminum Fences 
  • Mesh Panel
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Iron Fences & Gates
Automatic Gates & Openers
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Chain Link Fences

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We have a full line of products catered to security. Our products include: Industrial Fence Gate, Ornamental Iron, Industrial Steel Fencing, Access Control Systems, PVC Vinyl Fence, Wood Fence, Iron Bollards, Iron Railings, Security Cameras, Intercoms and more.

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Public Transportation


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Industrial Gate Options

Single Gates

Double Gates

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Commercial Fence Installation

Your commercial property needs a secure fence. Imagine your attractive patio area for your restaurant’s outdoor seating area. Or maybe a pool fence for your apartment or a security fence for your retirement community. No matter what type of property you own, what matters is that your commercial properties need a wide variety of fencing solutions. Our purpose is to provide you with those solutions from Commercial Fence Installation. So your property and assets will be safe and secure. For years we have been supplying and installing a wide range of high quality products including aluminum, steel, wood, chain link and vinyl fencing. We have extensive experience in servicing all types of commercial properties. We can help you choose the right design and materials to meet your needs at an affordable cost.