Residential Wood Fences

For more than 40 years, Osceola Fence Company has installed reliable and top-of-the-line wood fences for Chicago area homeowners. Nowadays, it is the most commonly used material for making fences, wood is relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile. Wood fences can be installed for privacy, ornamental, and security purposes.

Natural Looking and Personalized Options

Wood can be left in its natural state with simply a protective sealant. Otherwise, it can be stained or painted in virtually any hue you like.

Variety of Styles

The other hand, we offer a variety of styles and lumber types. For example, our wood fences can be installed using Western Red Rough Sawn Cedar. Additionally, we provide SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) and Cedar stocks.

All of our cedar fences are custom built on site, giving you a fence that adapts to your specific degree and terrain variation.

Our western red cedar fences use 1 × 6 and 1 × 4 pickets to create our five main styles of cedar fences. Our cedar fence line gives you the ultimate versatility to customize the fence to your specific taste.

You can add arches or scallops to the fence, accent the top with spindle, diamond or square lattice, or choose a board detail such as dog ear, Gothic, French Gothic or angular cut.

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Types of Wood Fences

Horizontal Fence Styles

Horizontal fence styles utilize cedar deck boards being installed horizontally creating a more modern look.

Horizontal fences can be spaced to your own specification or have different sized boards depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

Board On Batten Wood Fence Styles

Board on Batten cedar fence styles utilize an overlapping fence board to create a fence with a true privacy look.

All cedar fence boards shrink after the initial installation and only board on batten and tongue and groove style cedar fences provide full privacy after board shrinkage.

Solid board and Traditional style fencing will have anywhere from 1/8″-1/4″ gaps between the boards after the boards shrink.

Shadowbox Wood Fence Styles

Shadowbox fencing is considered a “good neighbor fence” giving the client a fence that looks identical on both sides.

Is a semi-private fence allowing airflow and sight through the openings in the fence boards. Shadowbox fencing can be arched, scalloped, or have a cap board added for optional detail.

Picket Wood Fence Styles

Picket Wood Fence Styles-residential wood picket fence
Picket Wood Fence Styles-wood fence installation near me

Picket fencing styles have gaps between the boards ranging from 1″-3″ and numerous detail options ranging from flat top boards to gothic, French gothic, dog ear and angle cut.
Picket fencing can be installed in heights ranging from 36″ high to 72″ high depending on your containment needs.

Spindle Picket Wood Fence Styles

Spindle picket fencing utilizes a 1-1/2″ square picket with a spacing of 1″- 3″. Spindle fencing achieves the look of a deck railing with the durability of a solid square picket.

Spindle picket fencing detail options include a cap board, gothic picket cut, and 45-degree angle cut. Spindle picket fencing is available in 48″ and 60″ heights.

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Steel Post Wood Fence Options

As an alternative to standard cedar posts, customers looking to prolong the life of their cedar fence, especially in very humid locations, offer stainless steel post systems.

We currently have wrought iron square posts as options. Our steel post systems use a system to cover them and make them virtually invisible.

Osceola Fence poles have a standard pole and a high strength pole, depending on the needs of the project.

Solid Board Wood Fence Styles

Solid board fencing is the simplest and most common style of fencing utilizing one board next to the other.

Solid board fences can have any picket detail added to the top such as dog ear, gothic, French gothic, arch or scallop for added customization.

Traditional Wood Fence Styles

Traditional style fencing is known as a “good neighbor fence” it has an almost identical look on both sides of the fence.

This is style fencing is one of the most common styles of fencing utilizing horizontal facia boards to give the fence a clean look.

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Wood Fence Repair

Although wood fences can be a much less expensive product, they do require a little more maintenance compared to other fence options. Wood may need to be cleaned, treated, sealed, and stained because harsh weather elements can take their toll on the fence. For example, wood may warp, rot, or weaken over time. However, it’s relatively simple to replace the damaged planks or posts.

Contact our fence professionals to schedule a free on-site visit to examine the damage and provide repair options.

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We offer a variety of fence products to choose from that are attractive and of the highest quality. Our experts can help you select the wood fence style that complements your property and budget. We can design and custom build any fence.

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