How Are Wooden Fences Made?

How Are Wooden Fences Made?

Welcome to Osceola Fence, today as Fence builders Chicago we need to know: How Are Wooden Fences Made? Well, wooden fences have been a popular choice for property owners around the world for centuries due to their natural beauty, versatility, and ability to provide privacy and security as much as iron fence. The process of making wooden fences involves several steps, starting from selecting the right wood to the installation of the finished product.

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Selecting the correct Wood for Fencing

Wood Selection: The first step in making a wooden fence is selecting the appropriate type of wood. Common wood choices include cedar, redwood, pine, cypress, and spruce. Each type of wood has its characteristics, such as durability, resistance to decay, and cost, which impact the fence’s longevity and appearance.

Milling the Lumber: Once you choose the wood, it is mill and cut into into individual pieces, such as posts, rails, and pickets. An inspection is made after the is cut to the final dimensions looking for any defects or imperfections.

Drying and Treating: To prevent warping, cracking, and decay, the freshly milled lumber may undergo a drying process in a kiln.

osceola fence company how are wooden fences made

how are wooden fences made?

osceola fence company how are commercial wooden fences made

Fence Design and Layout: Before the installation process begins, it is important to plan the fence design. This includes determining the fence’s height, the spacing between pickets or rails, and the placement of posts.

Digging Post Holes: The fence installation begins with digging post holes along the fence line. The depth and diameter of the holes depend on the fence’s height and the soil conditions.

Installing the Posts: The posts are set into the holes and secured with concrete or gravel to ensure stability and longevity. Proper alignment and leveling are essential to maintaining a straight and even fence.

How Are Wooden Fences Made?

Attaching Rails and Pickets: Once the posts are in place, horizontal rails are attached to them to provide support for the pickets. Pickets are joint vertically to the rails, either with nails or screws.

Finishing Touches: After the main structure is in place, any additional features, such as decorative caps or finials, for aesthetic appeal.

Staining or Sealing: To protect the wood from weathering, the fence is sealing or staining. This step enhances the wood’s natural color and helps prevent moisture penetration and decay.

osceola fence company how are wooden fences finish installation

Northfield, IL security fencing companyHow Are Wooden Fences Made?

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