Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs

32 Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs

What are wrought iron fences?

Iron fences are the quintessential protective element for your home. Due to its autonomy and functionality, in addition, thanks to wrought iron, you can combine security and ornamentation, resulting in a perfect conjunction between protection and design. Also, wrought iron allows the application of any type of design, preserving at all times a high degree of security, therefore, we present some of the following 32 Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs.

Key points to consider before looking for a design for your wrought iron railings

32 Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs

  • The first thing you should take into account, is the style that represents our home, because they will not look the same way some windows with wrought iron railings in a minimalist house, than in one that has greater richness in the details.
  • Where to place them? Normally this type of grilles can be outdoors where they can be eye-catching, a good design can make your house stand out in the neighborhood.
  • Installation, this type of grating is not recommended for self-installation.

There are different ways to install the grilles on the windows, depending on the way in which the grilles are being installed we can also distinguish several types:

Fixed grilles: these are the most commonly used. They are either fixed to the walls of the window opening or attached to the facade. Their installation requires construction work. The big problem with installing these grilles is that they disable the use of the window, since they cannot be easily removed. However, they are the most secure against burglary. In addition, decorative shapes can be decoratively created on the grille.

Embedded grilles: They’re integrates in the façade but, instead of building work to insert the grille, security screws are use to adjust it. It is another of the safest types to prevent theft.

Extendable or sliding grilles: Is the mainly used in doors with frequent passage, but can also be set in windows. One of their advantages is that they do not block the window because they can be sideways opened. These types of grilles are easy to install; theyre only bolted to the facade. Them also have a security lock. They can also be painted in various colors (white, black, gray, etc.).

32 Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs

Folding gratings: Their main characteristic is that theyre a rigid piece installed on hinges with security screws. this are usually made of cast iron. They can be easily opened and closed.

Removable grilles: This type of grille is mainly used to prevent children from falling out of the window. Their installation does not require building work. The main drawback is that are not very effective in deterring burglars; they can be easily broken into.

Bandit grilles: Theyre mainly used to protect basement windows. Them can be vertical or horizontal and are usually made of aluminum.

It is important to keep in mind that all these factors can influence the price of installing a grille. In any case, despite the myriad types of window grilles that exist, the important thing is that you can feel safe in your home. And, as we have pointed out, some can even function as a decorative element, regardless of whether you prefer a more traditional style or if you prefer modern, a grille can give a cozy or even romantic air to your home.

In this section you can see some images of wrought iron railings that we have designed along our trajectory

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Old school

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Clasic Style

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Barrier gate

32 Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs

In each of these works we apply the quality standards that characterize us, always using the best materials

Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs

Enclosed Aluminium Track gate

Renaissance style

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Black Iron Grille

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32 Elegant Wrought Iron Fence Ideas and Designs