Planning Your Fence Project

If you’re not sure how to get started with your new fence project, we’ll help! We are here to guide you through fence planning and installation.


Everything you need to know when Planning Your Fence Project !


This is the vertical support that defines each section of a fence.

Post Top

Design cut into the top of a post.

Post Cap

Accessory to cover the top of a fence post.


A horizontal support element to which fence boards are attached. Rails may be located at the top, middle or bottom of a fence.


A vertical fence board or element that attaches to rails and is usually evenly spaced.


Individual fence sections that include posts, rails and pickets.

Walk Gate

Allows entry to your property.

How to choose the right fence ?

Before you start you should know what type of fence you need… Check the types of fences that best suit your needs.

Exterior Attractiveness

A decorative fence can enhance the look of your home.


Keep your property and your loved ones safe.

Confined Pets

Choose a fence based on the size of your pet. For dogs, measure jumping ability and willingness to bark.


Maintain your privacy with fences that provide discretion but also appeal.


Surround your pool with fencing that meets city building codes.


Make sure your horses stay on your property.


Before Planning your Fence Project

Before choosing the fence you should consider:

Your budget

How much you are willing to pay.

Ongoing maintenance

Lower cost fences such as wood fences need more ongoing maintenance. Aluminum or vinyl fences are low maintenance.

Building Codes

Some zoning ordinances may limit fence height, style, and location.

Homeowner’s Association

Most homeowners associations have guidelines for fence construction.


Each product is different in options and colors. Choose the one that best suits you.

Neighborhood Fences

You may need to maintain the appearance of your neighbors’ fences.

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