Autumn Fence Prep Checklist

Autumn Fence Prep Checklist

Autumn is almost here! What a beautiful season, isn’t it? It is without a doubt one of the seasons that bring the most beautiful changes to our city. However, with all that beauty, this season can also present some trouble for our fences. With that in mind, it is important to prepare things to keep our fences safe. It is good to know a bit about fence maintenance and all the tips to install a fence by yourself. So, without further ado, today we have an autumn fence prep checklist. Read on to learn all the things you need to prepare before the season gets here.

Keep leaves away

One good thing to do right now is to rake all the leaves. This should be on top of your autumn fence prep checklist every year. While leaves aren’t too dangerous, leaving piles of them can block our sight from watching other things on the ground. So, make sure to rake every day to avoid things getting covered by them.

Repair posts

Right now is the perfect time for fence maintenance. Throughout the season you can get every repair ready. You can repair the posts, clean around the fence, stain it, and so on. Don’t miss the time and get on with repairing everything. Posts should be a priority to avoid your whole fence from falling over.

Trim tree limbs and check the roots

One of the things that’ll damage your fence more than anything else is mother nature. More specifically, tree limbs and roots. You should always check that these things aren’t growing. It is important that you cut them all off or keep the roots in a normal size to avoid breaking your fence. If you do that, you won’t have any problem once autumn arrives. As always, for any help, call us! We are ready and eager to help with any repairs and installation.