Fence Company Cook County IL

Fence Company Cook County IL

Fence Company Cook County IL

Chicago is the most populous city in the Midwest of the United States. Home to Cook County IL the city is the center of the Chicago metropolitan area, one of the largest in the world. With such a large population, it is also considered one of the most insecure cities in the United States. Multiple robberies occur every day in this city, 20% of which are to properties and businesses that do not have a good security system, causing billions of dollars lost every year.

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All our products has 1 year of warranty

About Us

Fence Company Count Cook IL, is the leading custom manufacturer of fences and other security products in Chicago. Are you looking for commercial fencing to protect or reinforce and secure your business? We offer to our customers a wide range of products, solutions, such as; balcony railing installation chicago, wrought iron balconies chicago, security camera system and intercom systems and more. We have been servicing numerous commercial and industrial companies in the Chicago area for over 40 years.

So when it’s time to purchase and install security systems for your business, choose the one that offers a wide range of commercial fence design options, numerous material choices and a professional, guaranteed installation of your products.


Our Products

Our company is number 1 in Fence Company Cook County IL because we provide quality service with the utmost dedication to our customers. We have over 40 years of experience in the market. We have all kinds of security products according to your needs. We have our own workshop to manufacture custom designs, because we know that each customer has its own style and with our service you can feel safe. We recommend you to reinforce your business with  our
automatic gates Chicago, a security that you can control with one click.
Commercial Fence Installation; A barrier for intruders
Security Cameras Systems; A surviellance system for monitoring risks in certain area
Iron railing installation Chicago; A safety barrier for higher places or also used for staircases

Automatic Gates
Automatic Gates
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Other Services

Our Fence Company Cook County IL also offers fence and gate repair and maintenance services to our commercial and industrial customers. Whether you want a professional to perform the repair, or you prefer to buy the parts and do it yourself, our experts can help! We cover all of Cook County, IL. Trust Fence Company Cook County IL to care for your security fences and gates. We are the only company in the county with 40 years of experience that has its own machine shop to custom fabricate custom products. If you don’t know how to get started, we can give you the advice you need to help you strengthen your idea.

Assessing damage and type of maintenance is very important to keep your fence or gate in good condition. Discovering problems early can often make the difference between having a minor repair today instead of a complete replacement in the future.

Fence Company Cook County IL


We repair your fence or gate and make it as good as new. We check any failure, even if the installation is not done by us.



We perform the maintenance of your products with dedication always using the best implements for the care and preservation of your fence or gate..

Did You Know?

Already over 300,000 businesses are happy with our services from Fence Company Cook County IL. We offer a one year warranty on all our products. Call now and get a quote from our consultants. If you don’t know what permits you must comply with for the installation of fences in your business, don’t hesitate to count on our advice and we will tell you step by step what you must do to enjoy and get your service efficiently.

Frecuently Asked Questions

That depends on the style of installation. But, at a gate opening and closing does not take too much time. Besides, there are batteries that save a lot of energy.

We are here to help you choose the best design to fit your needs. We have a wide variety of options that are in trend for our customers.

If you want a unique design that is always within the guidelines of the codes that govern Chicago, we can manufacture it without any problem. For this we have professionals who will advise you in this task.

We recommend that the style of the design be in accordance with the theme of your business.

The choice of material will depend on the need of the location and the purpose for which it is required. For example: a wooden fence will be more economical than a steel fence, but the maintenance of the latter will be more expensive than that of a metal fence, and the resistance of the metal fence will also be higher. So in the long run it will be more economical to have a steel fence than a wooden one.

To protect our products, they are treated with additives to preserve the lifetime of the material.

For our metal fences and gates, we use a double anti-corrosive coating and on top of it, a first quality oil-based coating.

For wood fences, we use protective varnish to cover the porosities of the material to prevent the entry of animals and bacteria that can damage the integrity of the material.

For vinyl fences, its structure is very resistant to climatic conditions, however, it acts fragile to impact blows even though its repair is very simple and economical.

The undersides of the railing posts are also covered with a rubber coating solution.

The construction of a security fence starts with the design. First, the part of the property where the fence is to be built is defined and then the plans are drawn up. It is here where the materials and finishes must be decided.
Once the budget has been made, the respective materials are purchased and manufactured in our workshop. The installation is done and finally it is covered with two anti-corrosive coats and a coat of oil-based paint on top and make the finishing touches.

They are very solid and resistant structures that provide an appearance of security and tranquility. We recommend that they are manufactured with metal material because thanks to their physical and mechanical properties they resist very well to water and sun. Even more if they are made of aluminum or stainless steel. Although they are also made of iron but these require a special anti-corrosion coating. They require very little maintenance and remain in excellent condition for decades.

Besides, they help a lot in the decoration of the place. They act as decorative elements and at the same time provide security.

Iron is a material used par excellence for its functionality, quality and resistance in terms of construction and design. It can be used to manufacture from railings, fences, gates, doors, windows, handrails, etc. because of its ability to deform without losing its mechanical properties. Metal has a wide variety of uses, especially if you want to customize a design.

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