Friendly Ways To Clean a Vinyl Fence

Friendly Ways To Clean a Vinyl Fence

While we’d all think that cleaning a fence is easy due to them being sturdy, that is not the case. Depending on the material, you need to find ways to make the cleaning a lot safer. For you and the fence of course. If you use bad products for cleaning, you could be facing some signs of fence damage in the long run. So, it is better to prevent that. For vinyl, even if it isn’t a fragile material, it is important to find friendly ways to clean a vinyl fence. That is why today we want to talk about that here.

The good old water and hose

We will never recommend using power washing to clean a fence. This can harm it a lot. While some people think that it is the fastest way, that is not true. You can do it, yes, but you’re risking your fence to see your fence damaged. That is why we recommend that you only use a low-pressure hose to clean it. Even if you decide to hire a cleaning service, they’ll do the same. Sometimes it is better to take longer to clean than damage the fence. This is one of our friendly ways to clean a vinyl fence.

Try other options

While water, soap, a hose, and scrubbing aren’t bad, you should try other things too. Which ones? Well, we’ll share a tip with you today. You can make a solution with lemon and a bit of soap to clean some stains from vinyl. This isn’t only cheaper but also more eco-friendly. So, try it. You won’t lose anything. However, this is only for vinyl fences. If you want to learn more about cleaning tips for other materials, call us! We’ll be ready with some tips to make your fence maintenance a lot easier.