How Snow Affects Your Iron Fences

How Snow Affects Your Iron Fences

Most people love the weather in our season. Even if the latest winters have been harsh in our city, that doesn’t mean people hate it. However, while lovely, it can also cause some damage. Today we want to talk about how snow affects your iron fences. While it is one of the most durable fence materials, it is also good to look out at the snow. When the layers get too thick, that can become one of the most common fence damages out there. So, make sure that you check this guide before winter arrives and covers your fences with snow.

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It'll rust after the season ends

A lot of people just leave the snow pile up until the season ends. While that is something common, we don’t recommend that. Especially when people have an iron fence on their properties. It is important that you shovel that snow all every day. If not, you will see how the snow, after it thaws, will rust your fence. And as we said, this is one of the ways how snow affects your iron fences. While durable, they aren’t completely indestructible so make sure to keep an eye out.wint

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It can cover the tracks

If instead of a fence you have a gate, snow can also be a problem. Many gates work on tracks. With that, it can be very complicated when snow is too thick and can get the gate stuck. That is why we recommend that, same as above, you shovel it. If you live in a zone that has a lot of snow, you should think twice about installing an automatic gate. However, there are some fence companies out there that can get creative when it comes to installing fences and gates. We can do that here! So, don’t hesitate and call us today if you want to get those iron fences and gates ready for the season.

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how snow affects your iron fences

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