How to avoid slipping on the stairs

How to avoid slipping on the stairs

Slips and falls are very common accidents, which can sometimes cause serious injuries. Especially in the case of falls from great heights. Which require urgent medical attention. So, we bring you How to avoid slipping on the stairs.

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There are many reasons why we may suffer a fall. Many are easy to avoid if you tale the necessary measures to prevent them. Most of these types of falls occur on the stairs. At home or work, their consequences are usually much more severe than if we fall from a flat surface. This type of accident can happen to anyone, but they tend to be more common in older adults and children.

Recommendations to avoid accidents

  • Pay attention.
Often we don’t pay attention to the stairway surroundings, or we only look at the first few steps. Also, some old stairs tend to have variations in the height or depth of the steps.
  • Do not rush.
Take your time to go up or down the stairs, and avoid running.
  • Keep your eyes on the stairs
Especially at the base, and avoid going down more than one step at a time.
  • Install a staircase
This is to use the handrails to provide you with stability.
  • Prevent the most vulnerable
Small children and older adults are the ones who need to be more careful.
  • Remove obstructions
Such as clutter, loose boards, nails that are not securely fastened, or spilled liquids.
  • Maintain adequate lighting
This helps to improve visibility. If necessary, use matte paint to accentuate the contour of each step.
  • Maintain the surface of each step
Avoid surfaces that are too smooth or slippery.
  • Watch your feet
Avoid walking the stairs barefoot, with stockings or high heels. Ideally, wear shoes with good soles that support your feet.
  • Proper clothing
Wear clothes that do not drag on the floor.