How to Maintain a Composite Fence?

How to Maintain a Composite Fence?

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, composite fences are simply amazing. They are an eco-friendly alternative to fences, durable, and have great aesthetics. This is the best upgrade you can get for your wood or vinyl fences. Yet, like any other fence, they can get damaged. Today we tell you how to maintain a composite fence. What are the most common damage types that can happen and how to fix them. As a fence company with more than 40 years of experience, we have a solution for every problem.

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While not precisely a damage type, it is still bad to see dirt on our fence. Composite fences are easy to clean though. All you need to clean them is some soap, water, and a good brush. Try not to get them too wet though. Dry the fence after cleaning it to prevent mold growth.

Abrasion Marks

These ones can happen at all times. Abrasion marks can be very notorious but you can remove them quite easily. You can get yourself a good brightener. Most commonly known as deck brightener. Some abrasion marks can disappear after time. But if you see they are not gone then use this deck brightener product

Oil and Grease

These types of stains have to be cleaned almost instantly. Why? Because if you let them sit they can become harder to remove. Rinse with water as soon as you see the stain appear. You can buy yourself a degreaser but only for composite materials. There are a lot out there. Test the product first in a small area before applying it to all your fence.

Avoid Pressure Washing

Now, things not to do on how to maintain your composite fence. Using a pressure washing machine. People think it is the fastest and easiest solution, but no. It is the worst. It can be counterproductive. Pressure washing can damage the fence and worse, void your warranty. Do not use it for cleaning your composite fence.

If you want more tips on fence maintenance remember to call us. And if your fence needs repair we’re just one phone call away!

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