Proper Fence Etiquette

Proper Fence Etiquette

When it comes to installing a fence, there are some unwritten rules that you need to follow. Some of them are quite hidden and you might not know them unless you ask your neighbors or somebody else. This is what we call proper fence etiquette. It is a term that isn’t something that you need to comply with when building but it is good manners. In this city, there are things from HOAs that have their regulations to just sharing a fence with a neighbor. All of that influences the installation and that is why it is important to be aware of the proper fence etiquette. Today we tell you all about that.
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Be aware of property lines

This one is a big one. Whenever you want to install something, not only a fence, it is important to know your property lines. Part of fence etiquette is being aware of this. If you don’t know what the lines are, you could run into trouble. With the government but also with your neighbors. Property lines are there to limit the boundaries of a property. If you exceed them or do not respect them, you will have trouble. You can always go to the county’s office to ask for the records if you need them.

Communicate everything

If there is one thing that a lot of people do is install a fence without letting people know. Especially their neighbors next door. It is paramount that you talk to them as soon as possible to let them know about the installation process. Also, make sure that you inform them about the maintenance. If you are sharing the fence, you can split the expenses. On the other hand, if you’re not, make sure that you maintain it. Fence damage can also cause troubles to adjacent properties. So, now that you know about fence etiquette, you can get started with your own fencing project.