What type of iron fence is best for my dog?

What Type Of Iron Fence Is Best For My Dog?

For the family dog, a fully iron fence yard can provide security and protection as long as you make the right selection. When installing an iron fence, it is necessary to take into account certain factors. So, what type of iron fence is best for my dog?

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What is the purpose of the iron fence and what type of iron fence is best for my dog?

Whether it’s because you’re worried about your dog escaping from your yard or about the possibility of someone stealing your dog, it’s best to install an iron fence to protect your pet.

It is common to choose an “invisible” wire fence; With this fencing option, animals wear a special collar that will give off a small electric shock if your pet gets too close to the wire. Many homeowners choose this effective method to avoid disrupting the visibility and aesthetics of their home. It can be an effective method because it prevents your dog from escaping. However, it is not functional when it comes to protecting your pet from being stolen.


Unfortunately, the abduction of mascots is a reality but is something that can be prevented. Installing a specialized iron fence to enclose your yard is the best way to prevent your pet from being abducted. Iron fences can help keep pets from escaping and keep them protected from anyone who wants to take them.

Before installing an iron fence, it is important to take into account the breed of your dog while selecting a fence design. For example, small dogs can sneak under the fence and medium or large athletic dogs can jump over a short fence. Below we tell you which is the best iron fence to install according to the breed of your dog.

Small dogs

When you have small dogs, be sure to select an iron fence that does not have gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. It is advisable to install fixed panels on the bottom of the fence to keep them inside your garden.

Jumping dogs

Although all dogs have the ability to jump, some breeds are much better jumpers than others. For example, if you have a Newfoundland water dog, a standard poodle, a retriever, or a collie then you should make sure that your iron fence is high enough so that your dog does not leave the yard when it jumps. These dogs are great jumpers.

Adequate doors

The iron fence designed for your pet must also have adequate closing doors. These are important because they protect your dog from strangers. Additionally, adequate closing doors prevent an incident from happening between your dogs and others.


Boundaries: what type of iron fence is best for my dog?

While an iron fence can help keep your dog safe, it has some limitations and is not infallible. The best way to prevent something from happening to your dog is by ensuring that you or a family member are always supervising your pet. However, installing an iron fence is a good way to keep your dog safe and secure.

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