Fence Repair Tips

Wood Fence Repair Tips

Weather conditions can sometimes affect our fences terribly. Wooden fences are especially vulnerable to inclement weather. But, repairs and maintenance can make your fences not only beautiful but long-lasting. Today we bring you the best wood fence repair tips. Take care of your wood fences by following this guide.

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Identifies problems with the material.

  • Identify the causes of the problem. That is to say, identify if the fence has received water and the wind has destabilized it. The truth is that the fence does not have to be replaced in its entirety you can repair some damage.
  • Check the fence rails. If any are loose, you may be able to repair the breakage.
  • If your wood fence needs repair, saturate it with wood preservative to prevent the damage from spreading.
  • Check to secure the clamps. You may only need to repair them using some galvanized screws.
wood fence repair tips
wood fence repair tips
  • Check the screens.
  • Change fence screens by hammering them out and separating them from the rails.
  • Replace broken screens with a new, stylized slave to hold them
  • It is time to check the posts if the post is wobbling and determine the cause before making the repair.
  • Find broken posts. Maybe they need a  replacement.
  • Check the gates as well. If the gate does not close properly, please check the hinges.
  • You can replace the hinges yourself.  Look for heavier ones.
  • If the problem is the screws, then remove them and cover the holes by gluing short pieces of pins. Then drill new holes and install new screws and bolts.

The truth is that fences are very durable with proper care and maintenance. If what you need is a  Commercial Fence Installation we recommend you find a specialist. A proper team will help you with the installation and adequate building permits.