Yearly Fence Maintenance Tasks

Yearly Fence Maintenance Tasks

We all know that fence maintenance is important. Everyone is always looking for the perfect time to do it. And while there are a lot of tasks you can do on a daily and weekly basis, there are others that work better every year. That is why today we want to list a few of the yearly fence maintenance tasks. If you want to know what to do every year for your fence, we’ve got you covered. So, read on to see how you can keep your fence in top condition with these tips.

Deep cleaning a fence

Now, cleaning a fence every year doesn’t mean the normal wiping and that’s it. No. Believe it or not, fences also need some deep cleaning to stay in top condition. So, what does the cleaning of a fence entail? Well, in our yearly fence maintenance tasks, we always do some fence cleaning with the right materials. You need to check what type of cleaning product your fence will need. Whether is iron or wood, both require different things.

Stain and paint your fence

Most fence coats of paints will last for a lot of time. Unless your city has harsh weather or worse, then yes, it’ll fall off. But, if not, then it will stay there for a while. So, what should you do? Well, it is important that you do a yearly painting. Renewing the painting of a fence is part of maintenance, not only for the aesthetics.

Prune all that's around it

Another thing that we recommend that you do on a yearly basis is trim and prune everything around it. As you know, one of the most common fence damages is the roots and things that grow below the fence. Even grass and weeds can damage it. So, make a good habit of keeping the area clean at all times. This will prevent your fence from getting damaged throughout the year.