Best Fences for Windy Areas

Best Fences for Windy Areas

Nowadays, we can find fences that help against any type of weather. There are two types of weather that damage fences more than others. Snowy and windy. Today we’ll focus on the latter. A windy day can ruin a lot of things at home and one of those things can be our fences. That is why it is important to know what the best fences for windy areas are. So, read on to learn which ones we recommend, how to install them, maintain them, and more. As always, follow our blog for more tips on general fencing and DIY fencing.

It's all about the design

Before we delve into the best fences for windy areas, let’s talk about what their main point is. So, in the case of windy areas, the material isn’t what is important, no, what matters is the design and how it is built. That is why we always recommend focusing on the design before the material. This is a common fencing mistake that people do when installing a fence in a windy area. There are two designs we recommend. A design that lets the wind pass through and with gaps. Now, let’s see which materials we recommend.

Chain-link and iron

The first one, chain-link is great for places with a lot of wind. Thankfully, Chicago’s windy weather isn’t as aggressive as in other places but it can still get rough. For that, a diamond pattern can do wonders for your business or home. Now, on the other hand, we have fences that can be built with gaps. For that we recommend iron. These fences are very sturdy and will stand the test of time and whichever weather comes. They are expensive but it is a great investment. Yet, we always recommend that you ask your local fence contractors about the best options. For any questions, call us! We’ll be happy to help.