Best Season for Fence Installation

Best Season for Fence Installation

Installing a fence is a big decision. It requires some research before doing it. In the case of our city, there are some seasons that are better for installing a fence. Today we tell you what is the best season for fence installation. Plan ahead before starting any project. It is important that you get informed by speaking with your local fence company. As one, we can tell you what is the best season for fence installation. Keep reading to find out more.

Chicago Best Season for Fence Installation


Spring in Chicago is amazing. Not only is it the perfect time to go outside but it is also a great time to start some work. In the case of fences, we recommend Spring to install one. Why? Well, the ground is starting to dry during this time. This makes installing a fence a lot easier. During Winter, it is not a good idea. The ground tends to be hard and frozen. Installing is really hard. Most people wait for the first days of Spring to begin their installation work. If you’re looking for a good season to install, this is the one.


Summer is another great season to install. To no one’s surprise. Summer is perfect due to having great weather, which makes installing a lot easier. Plus, a lot of people are on the break which makes planning very good. Beyond installing a fence, Summer is also great for landscaping. Landscaping is something that people do a lot during these two seasons. Why? Because everything is blooming and the ground is perfect for working on it. If you have any of these projects we recommend you do them during these two seasons. Just make sure you have your permits ready and contact your local fence company for extra help.