Cleaning Overview By Fence Material

Cleaning Overview By Fence Material

Every single thing that we have in a business needs cleaning. From the inside to the outside all need to be sparkling clean. When it comes to fences, they are not an exception. A lot of new fence owners don’t know how and with what to clean their fences. And this is normal, there isn’t a manual out there that has all the steps. Or is there? Yes! We have it here in the shape of a post. Today we have a cleaning overview by fence material. If your business has any of these fences then you can follow our guide to clean them up. So, read on to learn how to leave your fence in the best possible condition.


The first thing you need to do before cleaning is prepare everything. Depending on the material you will need one thing or the other. Yet, for most, you need the same things. The usual materials you need for our cleaning overview by fence material are:

  • Soap
  • A hose or pressure washing machine
  • A washcloth or fiber
  • A cloth to dry
  • A lot of patience

Vinyl fences

These are the easiest ones to clean. Due to their material being almost plastic-like, you can go crazy with the pressure washing. Well, not too crazy. Before using it make sure that the installation was done in the best way. If the posts were not installed correctly then the fence could fall or break. So, just make sure that your contractors did everything right before unleashing cleanliness on it.

Iron fences

For Iron is easier. This material is the sturdiest and even during the installation it has to be done the right way. You can do pressure washing, normal cleaning, your choice. Just make sure you dry it perfectly. Sometimes leaving the fence too wet can lead to it getting rusty and that is bad. So, to prevent that just make sure it is completely dry. Thankfully now that is summer, that won’t be an issue.

Wood fences

If your business has a wood fence then we recommend doing a light cleaning. Why? Wood fences are usually amongst the most fragile fence materials out there. And depending on the recent weather your fence might be wet. This makes the wood even more fragile and using a pressure washing machine isn’t a good idea. For the wood fence just splash some water on it, wash it with soap, rinse, and dry.

Cleaning Overview By Fence Material Chicago

And if you find any damage during the cleaning process, call your local fence company. They’ll know how to help with the fence repairs. Here in Osceola Fence, we offer the best installation and repair services for any fence. So, call today!

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