Whrought Iron Fence Chicago, IL 

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Are you looking for a reliable fence installation chicago? At Osceola Fence Company, we offer a variety of fence services, including wrought iron railings in Chicago. Proud to offer our clients the beautiful wrought iron materials they can rely on. We guarantee that you will receive a first class service and products when you request a wrought iron railing. We are in the business of fence installation and fence repair from since 1975!

Osceola Fence Company is a Wrought Iron Fence Company that fabricates and installs quality wrought iron fence parkways throughout the Chicagoland area:

  • Hyde Park.
  • Lincoln Park.
  • Oak Park.
  • Logan Square.
  • Old Town.
  • Norridge.
  • Elmwood Park.
  • Humboldt Park and more.

Beautify and maintain the strip of land between the street and the walkway, known as the parkway, of your business property with the help of our knowledgeable professionals. Our wrought iron fences are incredibly strong and have a long lasting finish sure to withstand the elements.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional style, we offer a variety of wrought iron fences for Chicago area parkways to compliment all types of architecture.

  Work with an experienced Wrought Iron Fence Company today!

What We Do?

We offer a variety of materials to choose from for your fence, one of our highest requested materials is wrought iron. Wrought Iron fence is among the most relied upon and frequently used fencing around. Our commercial fencing, have warranties that last twice as long as our competitors. If you’d prefer wrought iron railings in Chicago, we are happy to answer any question you have and do our best job.

Here are some reasons wrought iron fence Chicago parkways are an investment worth making:

  • Enrich Property Landscape

Adding a wrought iron parkway fence will deter people from letting their dogs defecate on your property. Save time by avoiding unnecessary and unpleasant cleanup. Keep your parkway looking and smelling fresh year round.

  • Add Elegance and Value

Improve the curb appeal of your property and potentially increase its value.

  • Provide Property and Client Protection

In addition to enhancing your property landscape, wrought iron fence parkways provide a shield between pedestrians on the sidewalk and cars in the street.

Similar to our iron fence product, our wrought iron fence for parkways will be fabricated specifically with your specifications and needs in mind. Our team uses quality, solid iron layered in a red-coat primer and finish with gloss black enamel paint. As always, our parkways come with a one year warranty on material, paint, and workmanship.

If your commercial property or public property would benefit from the aesthetics and functionality of a wrought iron fence, then we encourage you to contact our professionals today. Call 773-278-4762 for a free quote.

Take a look at our below gallery to get a better idea of how a parkway may look on your property. Contact us today if you are looking for us to install a durable, long lasting parkway to give your space the extra touch it deserves. 


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