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Common Causes Of Automatic Gate Breakdowns

We’d all wish that things would last forever. Yet, that isn’t the case. All things break down and automatic gates aren’t an exception. There are some common causes of automatic gate breakdowns and it is important that you know them, why? Well, automatic gates need maintenance and if you forget about it, they can get damaged more easily. So, it is important that you always set some time and money aside to look for this. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the common causes of automatic gate breakdowns.

Structural issues

This is probably one of the most common ones but, structural problems are quite common. Even if the installation is done correctly, the structure surrounding the gate can affect it. If it deteriorates, then that’ll affect the gate. That is why it is important to always take care of both the structure and the gate itself.

Electric lock failing

This is specific to the gate itself, but it can happen. Sadly, it happens more than it should. There are some great automatic gate accessories, yet, even if they’re the best, they can fail. So, if you see the electric lock failing, you might need to call some help to get it reprogrammed or fixed.

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Gate tracks failure

Now, this only happens if the fence contractors didn’t do the right job. That is why it is important to always look for a reliable fence contractor. Back to the topic. Gate track failure can happen if the installation wasn’t done correctly. Always make sure that the company installs everything as it should.

Rust damage

As we mentioned in the beginning, a lack of maintenance can affect your automatic gate. Rust is the worst enemy of a gate. Especially if it’s made of iron. So, make sure to keep it clean and rust-free to avoid any problems.

Other hazards

Many times, plants in the garden or surrounding area can overgrow and damage the fence or gates. So contact the professionals at Fruit Trees and Landscaping.