Features of an Automatic Pedestrian Door

Features of an Automatic Pedestrian Door

In the market for automatic doors, there are a variety of options. So, in today’s article, we will talk about the benefits of automatic doors. And everything you should about the Features of an Automatic Pedestrian Door. If you want to know more about the benefits of automatic security gates, we recommend our post The Importance of Access Control in a Company.

What is an Automatic Pedestrian Door?

First, an automatic pedestrian door is a door that is designed to ease the access of people. For that reason, these doors must follow strict maintenance control. To safeguard the safety of the people who are going to enter the site.


Then, you should check safety regulations for designing operators and sensors. Protection of points that are prone to generate danger. Also, the operation of doors located in escape routes and emergency exits.


So, there are several types of automatic pedestrian doors:

  • Abatibles
    They come with a component that allows them to open both inside and outside.
  • Sliding Doors
    Sliding doors incorporate a motor, which gives them the option of opening inwards. They are among the most popular of all automatic wicket door options, as they are easier to install.
  • Security
    By having a motion sensor, they will guarantee that the door will not close if someone wants to pass through.
  • Comfort
    You will not have to open or close it manually. And it will be enough for people to approach the door to respond to the proximity, either to open or close.
  • Resistance
    Automatic pedestrian doors have highly resistant materials, so they offer great durability.
  • Easy maintenance
    Maintaining an automatic wicket door doesn’t take much effort or money.

The best Automatic Pedestrian Doors

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Features of an Automatic Pedestrian Door Chicago Il