Sliding Vs Swing Automatic Gates

Sliding Vs Swing Automatic Gates

Be it for a residential or commercial property, there are two types of automatic gates. The ones that slide and the ones that swing. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, however, both work for perfectly. Yet, choosing one will depend on your needs. So, when looking for information about sliding vs swing automatic gates, it is important to know what they do. This will impact how your property looks and how the entryway will function for all. So, read on to learn which one of these automatic gates is the right one for you.

Sliding Automatic Gates

Let’s start with the most common ones. At least for businesses. Sliding automatic gates are quite common. We recommend getting these ones for commercial properties. Even if you want to know about sliding vs swing automatic gates, trust us, for companies, the former work better. Why? Well, if you are looking at trucks coming and going all day, then you know they are large. So, a sliding gate makes access easier for every commercial property. Also, they are better when it comes to managing the space of the entrance. So, choose these if you don’t have a lot of space in your property.

If you have doubts about what kind of gates you need. You can check our post How to choose the best security fence for your business.

Swing Automatic Gates

Theses ones are more common in residential properties. Especially big houses with big gardens and entryways. They are good and you can also consider getting one. However, we don’t recommend them for companies. For a house, they are perfect. Yet, there is one thing that might be a turnoff for people. They do require some maintenance so they don’t get stuck. Personally, we always recommend sliding gates but swing ones are not bad. In the end, it depends on your preference and on what your fence contractors recommend to you. So, choose wisely and always inform yourself before installing one.

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