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Fence Installation Tips for Uneven Terrain

Fence Installation Tips for Uneven Terrain

Fence installation involves a lot of steps. Day by day, a lot of people have started to dip their feet in the DIY fence installation market. This is something amazing but as we mentioned, installing a fence can be more intricate than you think about it. One of the things that can lead to fence installation mistakes is the terrain. Knowing how to install a fence correctly in a place like this is important. That is why today we have some fence installation tips for uneven terrain. So, keep a reason to learn about what you can do when installing a fence on a terrain that isn’t the best out there.

The racking method

There are two methods when it comes to fence installation tips for uneven terrain. Let’s begin with the racking method. This is one of the common ones when the terrain is uneven but not too crazy. This technique relies on filling the gaps between the ground and the fence. A lot of people want a privacy fence or have pets and want to protect everything. Even for those with outdoor living spaces, it is important to consider this technique when it comes to installing a fence.

The stepping method

Now, while the previous step is for terrain that is uneven but not too much, this one is for terrain that has a lot of slops. The stepping method is practically that, creating steps to make the fence function. Installing a fence with this method is great for homes that are located in uneven places with lots of slops. We recommend that for this method you contact a fence company. It is a hard one and the smallest mistake could cost you the whole fence. So, consider always hiring a company before installing something as intricate as this.