Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A New Fence

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A New Fence

When we install a new fence or repair an existing one, we want it to be perfect. The idea of an enclosure on our property is that it provides security for our loved ones and property. That is why it is necessary to have specialists in the field of Commercial Fence Installation. Having the experts on our side helps us to discern the Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A New Fence. Below, we have for you the mistakes to avoid when installing a new fence.

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It is essential that you choose the right material before installation. To do this, you need to analyze your land and what you need the fence for. For commercial properties. But remember to choose the one that suits all your needs and the place where it will be built.

Choosing the wrong material

Most of the time, business owners simply choose the tallest and strongest fence they can find in the catalog. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But, some materials may work better than others. For commercial fence installation, we can recommend fence types that are best suited to what you are looking for.

Iron and chain link. These two really work wonders for any type of business. Both are highly customizable and can offer a great amount of security to anything you have within your business. Another great thing about these two is the durability of their materials. If you want to allocate your budget correctly for a good commercial fence installation, then go for the right one.

Some people install wood fences instead of these two. And, for a company with a large warehouse or a lot of stuff to protect, it might not be good. Also, if you live in a humid place, it’s best not to use this material. But if you’re looking for a more rustic finish or privacy, wood fencing with wide panels may be best. Taking note of these things is great because you can prevent problems before installation begins. Your local fence company will always tell you the best options once you arrive at your business. Always look for professionals before installing a fence.


Not knowing about legal restrictions

If there is one thing that usually stalls the whole installation process, it is legal restrictions. As you know there are a lot of permits that you will need for pretty much anything. And that is good. It is essential to keep order everywhere. Yet, sometimes people forget about these things and start the installation process. Thankfully, most fence companies know what to do and will recommend getting the permits. So, that is something good when it comes to planning your installation. Plus, taking note of these things will prevent you from having legal problems. Remember that legal restrictions apply to the city but also to your neighbors. It is essential to have some fence etiquette. That is the only way you’ll have a good fence and zero issues around the block.

Lack of Planning

Many of the top fence installation mistakes revolve around a lack of planning. Before you buy fencing materials and start digging, you need to take some time so you can plan your project. Identify everything you need and start planning. Also, review the Chicago Department of Buildings regulations. When installing a fence a lot of people just call your local fence company and tell them to start working. You need to check if your land and its surroundings are good for it. Depending on the season the installation could also be affected. For example, winter is not the best time to install a Fence in Chicago.

Not knowing your property

Another common mistake is not knowing your property completely. Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure you have a floor plan of the property. The blueprint should indicate divisions of an area of land. This avoids placing fences on neighboring property or public land. If you are not sure where your property ends, do a survey to identify the boundaries. 


Not choosing the right fence

As we mentioned above, one of the important things in fence installation is choosing a fence that works for you. If you pick the wrong one, then it’ll all crumble down. Literally. Wood fences are great, even for commercial properties. But, not all companies benefit from them. Some of them require iron and chain-link. These are the best ones. So, if you decide to go with one that does not fit what you need, you’ll be losing money and a fence. So, think ahead of it. Plan the installation and the materials before doing anything.

Not measuring the fence

Another thing that we must have in mind is How To Prepare For a Fence Installation. Remember that when it comes to installing a fence, the measure is important. When it comes to residential properties, if you don’t measure the space, you could get into trouble. Especially with your neighbors. And, for commercial fences, it can just be horrible. Why? Well, a commercial fence installation requires more things. Having the measures wrong during the beginning will just make things a lot worse. So, if you are about to install a fence, have your contractors measure the space. And, if you’re doing your own fence installation, double-check everything you measure to avoid DIY Fencing Mistakes. Better safe than sorry when it comes to fences.

Weak posts

Now, another thing that can affect your installation is installing the posts in a bad way. As you know posts are the ones that determine pretty much everything about the fence. If you do not install them as you should, that’ll cause trouble. For this reason, we always recommend putting those poles as deep as possible so they remain firm and sturdy. But, remember, you need to be careful when drilling. Look for the Best Season for Fence Installation, there will be some seasons when fence installation will be much easier. Winter isn’t one of them. During this season, the ground freezes and becomes harder to drill. If you want to do an installation during those months, it will be harder. No pun intended. So, try to plan another time for that. We recommend Summer or Fall. These seasons are perfect for installing a new fence.

Poor maintenance

Okay, this one might not be one of the mistakes to avoid when installing a fence. At least not during it. But, it can affect what happens later. So, let’s picture this. You have your new fence. The installation went smooth and your contractors told you about the care it needs. Now, if you do not prepare the things you need to maintain your fence, it’ll break. Depending on the material, the damage may vary. It is important to know the common fence damages so you can avoid them. We recommend preparing everything you need to fix and repair your fence in case it receives damage.

Closing thoughts

When it comes to the most common mistakes to avoid when installing a fence, all of them are easy to follow. Thankfully, fence companies always offer guidance throughout the installation. Take us for example. With more than 40 years of experience, we know every trick, requirement, and material for fences. So, if you need one, call today! You can get your free quote in less that 24 hours. Don’t think twice and get your fence installed without a hitch.