How long can a security camera store footage?

How long can a security camera store footage?

How long can a security camera store footage? A security camera is a smart device that has a limited capacity to store images and how long it will record depends mostly on the memory your device has. As well as whether it records video, video with speech and the quality of the image.

A company is an economic organization that produces and has very valuable assets. Therefore, it is necessary that you have an excellent business security camera system that safeguards all your assets.

Business managers should view business security camera systems as an investment. Which accounting must be reflected in the statement of financial position, in the assets section.

If an organization wishes to be competitive, profitable and productive over time. You need to have business security camera systems with high image storage capacity. This allows the audit process to be made more efficient, for all internal controls of the rules and procedures manual.

How long can a security camera store footage?

The security camera as a business asset

A security camera is an intelligent device that has a limited capacity to store images. It generally handles a memory that varies between (16 GB to 256 GB). It is important to note that this methodology is a function of the following factors:

  • Storage area: when you purchase a security camera, you should focus your lens on a greater concentration of storage. Invest in a product that has the largest memory size. In this way, it will guarantee more time to store images.
  • Resolution: refers to the quality or sharpness of the images. As long as the camera has a higher resolution, it will need more memory and therefore the time to store images will be less.

What other options do we have to increase in security cameras?

Other options exist in the market, to increase the storage capacity of business security camera systems.

These are to acquire a memory of 1 TB, in which you can save images for approximately 30 days. And if you are one of the people who like to store images for a long time, for the purpose of statistical analysis and internal security control of
your company. You have the option of cloud storage plans.