How to Protect Your Vinyl Fence During Winter

How to Protect Your Vinyl Fence During Winter

Temperatures drop time of year. But you don´t have to worry about your vinyl fence. About the potential rot that can occur with wood or rust in some metal fences. The vinyl can resist up to 40°C and will not crack under snow pressure. So today we tell you How to Protect Your Vinyl Fence During Winter. If you need more information you can visit our post Friendly Ways To Clean a Vinyl Fence or How to Climate-Proof Your Fence.

Rinse your deck after the leaves fall

A simple way to protect your fence is to give it a good rinse. Vinyl homeowners know to do this in the spring to clean up leftover soot from winter. But if you do this step before the snow falls, you can protect the surface from stains. Leaves, twigs and other organic matter tend to accumulate when temperatures drop.

Snow removal

Heavy snowfall is pretty close. And if you’re anything precautious, your snowblower is already ready. Also, you probably have a metal shovel in your garage. Everything to get rid of the snow in your entrance, roof and gate tracks. As we already told before, vinyl is a strong material for winter. It’s built to bend under excessive pressure and withstand the heavy, wet snow that falls just before spring. Yet, if you want to keep your deck looking like new next summer, snow removal from your vinyl deck is essential.
how to protect your vinyl fence during winter

Rinse in Spring

This step goes back to winterizing your vinyl fence. You should always clean your property when the temperature stays consistently above freezing. A quick wash will remove dirt that has accumulated in remnants of snow as well as any chemicals or ice melter salt you have applied during the winter. This step is more cosmetic than anything, but it’s worth it if you want your patio to shine in the summer.