How To Remove An Old Wood Fence

How To Remove An Old Wood Fence

No one likes to say goodbye to something at home. Especially if the object or project was built too long ago and it is part of a house. Fences, sadly, get damaged as time goes by. Wood, while a beautiful material, without proper care, can deteriorate quickly. If you have a wood fence at home and it has run its course, it might be time to say goodbye. That is why today we want to tell you how to remove an old wood fence. Read on if you want some tips to say goodbye to your old handy fence at home. You may also want to review our post Reasons Why Fences Are A Must For Commercial Properties.

Notify your neighbors

This is a small point, but nevertheless an important one. If you are going to tear down an old fence, make sure to tell your neighbors. If you are sharing the fence, they deserve to know it’ll be gone for a while. Remember, some properties share lines and that is why it is important to check the county’s office before installing or removing a fence. Always, without a second thought, talk to your neighbors. Communication goes a long way when it comes to doing any project that might affect their house as well.

Get the equipment and be careful

We always recommend hiring a fence company, but, if you want to do it yourself, it isn’t bad either. First, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Once you have it, make sure to notify the authorities as well. If you drill too deep and hit a cable or a line, you’re in for a bad time. Again, hiring a professional is better but, if you can’t afford it right now, just make sure you know where the lines and everything is. This will make the process on how to remove an old wood fence easier and a lot faster.

how to remove an old wood fence