OSHA Compliant Rooftop Safety Railings

Types of Rooftop Railings

Roof railing systems are available in powder-coated steel, galvanized steel, aluminum stainless steel, wood, and compositions.

Why must OSHA railing regulations be follwed?

OSHA railing regulations are designed for general industry or construction applications. This guardrail is designed to limit employees, contractors or individuals from dangerous falls in the workplace.

OSHA standards must be applied in settings where the public has limited access to the general public. The rules and regulations are less strict because the railing does not need to resist the same forces as an IBC railing

These parameters establish guardrail design recommendations and safety requirements for roof designs such as guardrail height and vertical spacing. 

OSHA requirements and building codes often differ in terms of how much strength and the safety factor is required.

Rooftop Railing Requirements

For a roof railing to be effective in preventing a fall, it must be able to resist the loads as laid out in OSHA 1910. OSHA requires that the top rail of the railing must be able to withstand 200 lbs of point load without failure.

Need Help Installing Roof Guardrail Safety Systems?

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